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Updated: June 17, 2010
(see Kanguru FlashBlu, Lexar Echo SE & USB 3.0)

With the first official release by Kingston, 128GB flash drives are the current cream of the crop. The first memory stick with the honor of carrying 128GB is the DataTraveler 200.

Two 128GB Kingston Datatraveler 200, one with concealed USB connector

The World’s first 128GB Flash Drive: Kingston DT200 (@ black logo) or black3
(Beware of cheap listings: Probably fakes. I’ve set the price range just high enough.
For more details see further below)

Here are the specifications:

- Durable, black plastic body
- Concealable USB connector via sliding mechanism
Transfer rate: 20MB/sec. read & 10MB/sec. write
- Other capacities: 32GB (blue) + 64GB (yellow)
Password protection (Password Traveler)
Vista ReadyBoost compatible
- Keychain hole
- LED indicator
- Length x width x height: 2.77″ x 0.49″ x 0.89″
(70.39 x 12.52 x 22.78 mm)
- Weight: 13 g
- Warranty: 5 years
- Release date: late June 2009

The next 128GB flash drive released is Edge Tech’s 128GB DiskGO.

EdgeTech 128GB DiskGo Memory Stick

Next in line: DiskGO 128GB Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or white logo2


- Durable silver plastic body
- Cap
High Speed USB
- Other capacities: 64GB
Password protection
128-bit AES encryption for up to 25(?)MB (Cryptarchiver Lite)
- Write-protection switch
- Keychain grommet
- Length x width x height: 3″ x 0.74″ x 0.4″
- Weight: 0.5 oz
- Warranty: Lifetime
- Release date: End of July 2009

As more and more companies are coming out of the woodwork, Patriot is now lucky third with a 128GB version of the Xporter Magnum. With 30,6 MB/s read speed it’s the fastest yet!

128GB Patriot Xporter Magnum

Among the fastest 128GB Flash Drives: Patriot Xporter Magnum (@ black logo)

or black3


- Glossy black aluminum body with golden cap.
- Ultra-fast performance of up to 210x (30,6 MB/s).
Water and shock resistant.
- Other capacities: 64GB
- Supports Windows Vista ReadyBoost.
- LED activity light (at the back)
- Keychain grommet.
- Length x width x height: 72mm x 26mm x 6mm.
- Weight: 19.5g.
- 10 year data retention.
- Lifetime warranty.
Release date: Early August 09

Did I say YET? Sure enough, a couple of weeks later Corsair captures the ship with the Flash Voyager GT 128GB. Sailing ahead in not so unchartered waters anymore, 32.6 MB/s read and 28.8 MB/s write are the incredible transfer speeds.

Corsair Flash Voyager GT 128GB with Lanyard & USB Cable

The World´s fastest – like, for sure: Corsair Flash Voyager GT (@ black logo)

or black3


Rugged rubber body with cap
Black with red rims
Water & shock resistant
Up to 32.6 MB/s, up to 28.8 MB/s write
Other capacities:
16 – 64GB
True Crypt security?
Vista & ReadyBoost compatible
Blue indicator light
Key loop
Black lanyard & USB cable included
Dimensions? (should be ca.
74.3 mm x 23.2 mm x 14 mm)
Weight? (should be ca. 18.3 g)
More than 10 years data retention (dynamic writing)
10 years warranty
Release date: Mid-August 2009

Reserving a first class compartment, the Super Talent Luxio is the latest 128GB flash drive to jump on the bandwagon. With its luxury furnishing, it’s not rolling as fast as the Voyager but with 256-bit AES encryption, it’s the safest yet.

3 Super Talent Luxio 128GB: Black in closed box, silver in open box beside leather case, one in wooden grain

The World’s safest: Super Talent Luxio 128GB (@ black logo)

or black3


Plastic body with silver rim & cap
Available in silver, black and wood
Up to 30 MB/s read, up to 16 MB/s write
ther capacities: 16 - 64GB
AES-256 hardware encryption
Password protection (re-formats after five failed logins)
Vista & ReadyBoost compatible
LED indicator light
Key loop
Leather carrying case included
Length x width x height: 76.50 x 21 x 9.50 mm
Weight: ?
More than 10 years data retention
Lifetime warranty
Release date: Early Autumn 09

Matching the same encryption standard but on the less secure software basis, the Integral Titan establishes itself with a unique ID feature. Looking suspiciously like the EdgeTech DiskGo, this happy size aluminium titan is primarily tailored to the British.

Integral Titan 128GB in & out of packaging

Unique IT: Integral Titan 128GB (@ black logo) or black3


Silver aluminium body with black rims
Hi-Speed USB
Other capacities: 64GB
”Secure Lock” AES-256 software encryption
Intelligent protection (re-formats after ten failed logins)
Unique ID: Optional personalized name or number
(for company and network access control)
ReadyBoost compatible
Key loop
Lanyard included
Length x width x height: 72 x 27 x 9 mm
Weight: 22g
More than 10 years data retention
2 year warranty
Release date: Early 2010

Jetting from Britain to Taiwan, the Team X091 offers the world one of the fastest 128GB flash drives. According to some sources it should even be the fastest due to its 4 channel technology, with up to 31MB/s writing speed. Equally outstanding is the chessboard pattern which may or may not prove to be a smart move. Either way, patience shall not be required with this king, knight & castle in one.

4 Team X091 128GB in & out of packaging

Check Mate: Team X091 128GB (@ black logo) or black3


Sandblasted surface body with checkerboard design
Surface changes looks depending on angle
Slidable USB connector
Up to 33 MB/s read, up to 20 MB/s write
(Official specs, some sources claim 31 MB/s write)
ther capacities: 16 - 64GB
Shock absorbency
Absolute silence
ReadyBoost compatible
Length x width x height: 70 x 28.9 x 12.3 mm
Weight: 48g
More than 10 years data retention
Lifetime warranty
Release date: Late December 2009

And speaking of so called Quad-Channel technology, Corsair aims to trump all competitors. Hoisting the sails even higher that then previous GT (see above), the enhanced Flash Voyager GTR blazes away with a minimum of 34MB/s write and 28MB/s read.

Corsair Flash Voyager GTR 128GB with Cap off & in Notebook

Upping the Ante: Corsair Flash Voyager GTR 128GB (@ black logo)

or black3


Durable hard plastic body with cap
Black with yellow rims
Water & shock resistant
min. 34 MB/s read, min. 28 MB/s write
Other capacities: 32-64GB
ReadyBoost compatible
Blue indicator light
Key loop
Black lanyard & USB cable included
Dimensions: ?
Weight: ?
More than 10 years data retention (dynamic writing)
10 years warranty
Release date: Late March 2010

Hopping in on the fun, the Kanguru Defender Elite opens up its capacity pouch to 128GB and tightly secures it. Just like a good parent should do.

Kanguru Defender Elite 128GB with lid off

Boxing Champ: Kanguru Defender Elite 128GB (@ black logo) or black3


High strength aluminium body with transparent cap
Available in black, red, green,
yellow, beige & blue
Up to 33 MB/s read & 13 MB/s write
Other capacities: 1-64GB
256-bit AES, FIPS 140-2 Hardware based encryption
(no public space)
Tamper-proof material
Electronic & engraved device ID
On chip password protection
Remote Management when lost or stolen
(optional Kanguru Remote Management Console)
Integrated anti-virus
Write protection
Keychain grommet
Dimensions: 71mm x 27mm x 9mm
Weight: 10 g
10 year data retention
3 year Warranty
Release date: January 2010

Hopping along with the Carry It Easy software is the Kanguru FlashBlu 2.

128GB Kanguru Flashblu 2 with lid off

Blue Sweet Use: 128GB Kanguru FlashBlu 2 (@ black logo) or black3


Durable, blue aluminium body
Up to 20 MB/s read
Up to 13 MB/s write
Other capacities: 1-64GB
Carry It Easy software
(Mobile E-mail, No Trace Browsing,
File Synchronization, 256-bit AES encryption)
Read-only switch
Key chain grommet
USB extension cable included
2.52″ Length x ?″ Width x 0.35″ Height
> 0.35 oz
10 year data retention
3 year Warranty
Release date: Spring 2010

Jumping to even greater heights is the Lexar Echo SE as it has an automatic back-up function.

Lexar Echo SE with USB plug exposed & screenshot of Backup Software

Backup to Go: 128GB Lexar Echo SE (@ logox21) or (white logo2)


Silver body with retractable USB connector
Automatically backs up data once plugged in
Up to 28MB/s read
Up to 10MB/s write
Other capacities: 16- 64GB
Echo backup software:
Automatic & continuous backup of files in use
Option for automatic 128 bit encryption
Restores previous file versions, even when erased
Option to define amount of versions to keep
Option to only store new & modified files
Option to back up data online (free 2GB Dmailer account)
Mac compatible
More software details (8,25MB pdf file)
Keychain hole
Length x Width x Height: 54.2mm x 21mm x 10.44mm
Weight: ?
10 year data retention
5 year warranty
Release date: Spring 2010

So let’s reflect a little. As we can see we have many models now with amazing speeds and capacities – so what else could we possibly ask for? Time to rest on our laurels and simply enjoy these recent tech accomplishments? No, not quite. Enjoy, sure. But rest? Mwahahaha. Say hello to the first 128GB USB 3.0 drives – by Super Talent!

128GB SuperTalent RAIDDrive & SuperCrypt with lids off

Super Speed: 128GB Super Talent SuperCrypt & RAIDDrive (@ black logo) or black3


Black or silver body with silver rims
Both come with caps
USB 3.0 (backward compatible)
Shock & Vibration proof
Transfer rates:
240 MB/s MB/s read, 184 MB/s write (SuperCrypt)
320 MB/s read, 180 MB/s write (RAIDDrive)
Other capacities: 16-64GB
Blue indicator light
Features SuperCrypt:
Password protection
Hardware based encryption (128-256bit)
Secure erasing
Features RAIDDrive:
Super fast due to RAID and SSD arrays
Dimensions: 95 x 34 x 15.4mm
Weight: ?
More than 10 years data retention
10 years warranty
Release date: Spring 2010

Previously the market was swamped with fakes only and it’s likely that they will still be around for a while. As a matter of fact, the fraudsters are probably more encouraged than ever. Because as the 128GB flash drive is now a fact, customers may become less suspecting and hence easier prey. Especially if the official price tag is perceived as too high. There have been forged 32 and 64GB memory sticks so the precedence is set.

128GB Memory Stick with DataTraveler label

This one’s fake: Supposed 128GB Flash Drive from the Kingston DataTraveler 100 series

My advice to you: Still be careful! Only buy 128GB flash drives from brand names AND reputable sellers. Make sure you can verify a model’s official existence as fake ones have been audaciously sold as Sony or Kingston. Even as the official models yet hidden inside are just lower capacities from the same series or some other chip. Places where you may find this variety of deceptions are internet auctions or foreign markets, possibly even stores.

To give you an example, just recently my friend scottmo on Twitter told me his father brought him a Sony 128GB flash drive from China. Actually it was labelled as 120GB and indeed that’s what it said in the properties on his computer – apparently verifying the amazing yet oddball storage capacity. But when actually tested, it turned out that no more than 60GB could be transferred. Then the flash drive locked up. Here’s a screenshot of the properties (thanks to Scott):

Properties window showing Flash Drive with 120GB capacity

So when you see a picture like this it doesn’t have to mean anything, especially if it’s boastfully advertised.

While it may be hard to always keep up with recent technology and cope with everyday’s information clutter it’s rather easy to take a cautious approach and first verify the claims of a seller or brand. And most importantly, check the price! If its going for less than $200 or offers bidding from $0 on, chances are you looking at a fake. If you don’t care about these signs – well, then it’s “buy at your own risk”. For deeper information on the subject of forgeries feel free to read my ezine article 128 GB Flash Drives – Fake Or Fact?

Thankfully the real deal is out now too and I’m sure that the manufacturers together with reputable stores and retailers will keep a close eye on any fraudulent activities. Let’s face it, none of them want their reputations harmed or damaged. And nobody wants frustrated or dissatisfied consumers. So do others and yourself a favor and report any suspicious 128GB flash drive listings you come across.

Only go for the real deals from the brands listed above, even if that means spending a good amount of money.At least it will be worth the investment!

In conclusion, below is a chart illustrating how much you can store on 128GB. As you can imagine, its LOTS of stuff. :mrgreen:

p.s.: Kingston has even released a 256GB Flash Drive now. 8-O

Image capabilities

MP MB Amount of Jpgs
0.2 (480 x 360) 0.040 3200000
0.3 (640 x 480) 0.075 1706666
0.8 (1024 x 768) 0.150 853333
1 (1280 x 960) 0.250 512000
2 (1600 x 1200) 0.850 148836
3 (2048 x 1536) 1.2 106666
4 (2372 x 1804) 1.9 67368
5 (2560 x 1920) 2.5 51200
6 (3264 x 1836) 3 42666

Music capabilities

Bitrate Approximate min. Amount of Mp3s
128 133333 (2222h 13min) 33333 x 4min.
160 106666 (1777h 46min) 26666 x 4min.
192 88888 (1481h 28min) 22222 x 4min.

Movie capabilities

GB Amount of Avis Approximate hours
0.100 1280 256
0.175 731 274
0.350 365 273 – 304
0.700 182 273 – 364
1.4 91 273 – 364
2.1 60 240 – 300
4.5 (entire DVD as vob) 28 dvds 84 – 112

…on eBay right now:
[wordbay]128 GB +(voyager gt,voyager gtr,xporter,kanguru defender,flashblu,luxio,diskgo,x091,DT 200/ 128 GB,lexar echo,supercrypt,raiddrive,lenovo) -(chiavetta,da,NIB,fix,Wood,new,readyboost,factory,sealed,warranty,wrty,post,fake,lot,datatraveller,Defekt)[/wordbay]

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  1. @scottmo Says:

    Good article Dennis. Glad i could be a part.

    @scottmo’s last blog post..Creative Pastors/Directors Pt 1

  2. DT Says:

    Thanks, Scott. Nothing beats true stories, whether they’re comfortable or unpleasant.

  3. Randy Says:

    For more information on FAKE flash drives on EBay and other internet sites look at:


  4. DT Says:

    Thanks for the link, Randy. The writing style is a bit too panic sounding for my liking but it’s definitely a well researched site.

  5. 128GB Posted by: DT  :  Category: Capacities | Adobe Tutorials Says:

    [...] With the first official release by Kingston, 128GB flash drives are the current cream of the crop. The first memory stick to have the honor of carrying 128GB is now the DataTraveler 200. The World’s first 128GB Flash Drive: Kingston DT200 (@ ) or Here are the specifications:- Durable, black plastic body – Concealable USB connector via sliding mechanism – Transfer rate: 20MB/sec. Read the original here: 128GB Posted by: DT  :  Category: Capacities [...]

  6. Prakash Says:

    I saw your article on my mobile when I was traveling on a train to my relatives home. It was a time pass and good gain of knowledge to me. I love technologies and I would keep track of it. 256GB flash drive was an amazing news in your article. Thank you very much. I will be waiting for more. And sorry about my english… Bye ;-)

  7. DT Says:

    Thanks for your comment Prakash. Yeah, I’m still not quite over the 256GB fact myself…
    I hope you had a safe journey!

  8. achat ordinateur Says:

    Dennis I must say that you did a good job! You have covered so many flash drive of 128 GB. This article will help to every one who wants to purchase 128 gb flash drive. They can get many alternatives for that!

  9. Roofing Materials Says:

    128gb is really awesome. From where I come the maximum we have is on 32gb. I would love to have a 128gb pen drive.

  10. DT Says:

    Where do you come from? I assume it’s the UK? If you check the following link you can see that 128GB flash drives are available there too:
    128GB Pen Drives UK
    As a matter of fact, there’s the 128GB Integral Titan which seems to be specifically tailored to the UK market.

  11. format windows xp Says:

    I have 32gb noname flash (got it off ebay for $20). The storage is great but the slow writing speed is killing me. Compared with these beast’s here..omg :(

  12. Baltimore Locksmith Says:

    Those flash drives you have on your banner at the top of the site are so cool! I totally want one of the ones made out of wood, the merging of nature and the digital…. very COOL

  13. DT Says:

    Thanks! In case you missed it, here’s my post on those: Tree Flash Drives.

  14. pjsucks69 @ ps3 consoles Says:

    wow i just bought a 8gb flash drive last week and thought the max was 32gb…man with 120gb why would u need an external hard drive…

  15. charles @ Narconon Vista Bay Says:

    i bought a 320 gb flash drive recently in a very cheap price.

  16. DT Says:

    Charles, where did you buy that? Its gotta be fake. Try to put the maximum amount of files on there and see at what GB amount it stops…

  17. Adam @ ASP.NET Development services Says:

    Yeh I too have come across a 32gb pen drive but not a 320gb pen drive. May be you mentioned 32gb or may be a 320gb external hard drive? I have a 1tb external hard drive. All the space I want for years :)

  18. Mike Says:

    That is quite amazing. Below your article in the Ebay adds which are displayed is also a faked USB stick offered. You agree that a 128GB stick with starting price 0.99 Euro and no reserve can only be a fake?

    Starting Price EUR 0.99
    Feb 15, 2010 22:01:08 SGT
    Kingston 128gb usb 2.0 DataTraveler 200
    S$ 71.27 (13 Bids)
    End Date: Thursday Feb-18-2010 22:01:08 SGT
    Item number: 190373298722
    Item location: Leuven, Belgium
    Post to: Belgium

  19. Scott Says:


    Great information / advice! Thanks.

    Does anyone here own the Kingston DT 200 (128GB)? I am thinking of picking one up, and would like to know what people think of it.

    BTW, I wrote to Kingston recently, and asked them if they have any plans to release the 256GB in North America. They cited two reasons for not wanting to do this at the current time: 1) They are targeting the European (and other) market; and 2) they mentioned something having to do with the number of chips available. I did not understand the last part, and did not ask for clarification.

  20. DT Says:

    it could be a sign that its fake but not necessarily. A lot of auctions on ebay start with that price so that the seller doesnt have to be billed a higher starting price fee. If its a very expensive item it usually ends up with a proper winning bid amount. Nonetheless, you’re right in the attitude that one should always be on the watch – even if the item is presented as an officially existing model.

  21. Bin Bin Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to know, is the 128GB is real one?
    i just buy a lot of fake item from other website and
    return back to china.
    If your one is Real one, how much it cost?

  22. DT Says:

    Thanks Scott. I wish I would own a DataTraveler 200, but who knows what the future will bring. ;-)

    Interesting information about the DT300. Previously, Kingston’s website stated that this model could be directly ordered from them, strictly on demand. I guess one reason the US market isnt targeted at this time is the economy. The good thing about ebay is that you can get your hands on products worldwide and so far I’ve seen genuine listings for the DT300 from Germany and Australia. :)

    Update: Kingston is now releasing the DT310, which is a 256GB flash drive just for the US market.

  23. DT Says:

    Bin Bin,
    all the models listed above are genuine 128GB flash drives. I do not sell them myself as I only link to the sellers. I cannot give you a guarantee whether you will end up with a fake or real one but chances are good if you look for listings above at least $200 and that are from reputable sellers as well as reputable countries.

  24. Mike Says:

    Hello again,

    the DataTraveler 200 (128GB) I refer to in reply 18.
    ended with US $86.74 on Ebay Belgium. It is highly unlikely that this is a genuine flash drive as DataTraveler 200 (128GB) retail online for US $350.
    Nobody would sell it for 25% of the normal price. So it is a fake.

    What I find disturbing is that you write on you web site about high capacity flash drives and also have articles about faked flash drives and at the same time link to Ebay auctions with faked flash drives.

  25. Melissa @ Hayabusa Clothing Says:

    128gb storage to the size of my lipstick is really really cool. Where I am only 64gb is the highest yet. It would be really awesome if 128gb is around. But then again when we receive the 128gb pen drives, who knows, may be a higher capacity pen drive will be available. The beauty of technology.

  26. Scott D. Atwell Says:


    Thanks for the additional (Ebay and other) information.

    Interestingly, I saw about six items on Ebay for the DT128 yesterday, including two or three ‘buy it now’ entries. But when I enlarged the image on two of them, the box read: DT 100! I’m guessing that this had to be a fake.

    If I purchase one of these, I feel as though I should do so through Kingston. The good news is that I would be getting the genuine item; the bad news is that it costs quite a bit more there than it does via Amazon.com.

  27. DT Says:

    I understand what you’re saying. Unfortunately, I cannot control whether fake or genuine listings get displayed through my Ebay plugin (WordBay). I wish I could! The only things I can limit are the search parameters such as “128GB DataTraveler”, “Super Talent 128GB” etc. What the plugin then picks out from around the world is beyond my control. I could filter out countries but I don’t really want to do this as that would apply to my entire site instead of a page per page basis. Besides, I don’t want to engage in country discrimination and surely every country has good and bad apples. Hence my careful wording in the post too. ;-) As always, the final responsibility lies with you – the buyer. So be cautious in your decisions and take note of what I outlined in my comments and post.

  28. DT Says:

    what country are you in? For some countries there already is a higher capacity, see the link at the bottom of my post. ;-)

  29. DT Says:

    Yeah, the methods scammers come up with can be pretty amazing…or stupid, depending on how you look at it. In defense though, its not uncommon that Ebay sellers erroneously put up the wrong product image or title. Its best to contact the seller then.

  30. DT Says:

    Update: Some relatively cheap ebay listings for the 128GB DataTraveler 200 do appear genuine as the sellers buy them wholesale and just “pass them on”. Example: Kingston DataTraveler 200 128 GB

    I have contacted some of these sellers to see if I can somewhat verify this. Of course it would be better if the buyers were to comment about their experiences here. Some of theses sellers have 100% positive feedback for over 200 entries or more so it seems to be the real thing, unless they are being duped by the wholesellers themselves. Other sellers have a feedback of less than 10, some even 0, so its pretty obvious to stay away from these.

    Also, entries such as “1,5 MB/s transfer speed”, or “i was recently told that Kingston flash drives are not good… i was told that they crash… so far any of mines haven’t. so i doubt that the ones I’m selling will crash. If it so happens (god forbids it does) crash… please forgive me. i bought them wholesale.” are dead giveaways. LOL. I also would be suspect of any Asian stickers on the packaging regardless of the selling location. Just use common sense, folks.

  31. Joko Mulyono Says:

    I’m in Indonesia.So far I try to get information how could I get Sony Flashdisk 128Gb because my daughter had a problem(she lost her friend’s flashdisk 128gb that was bought in China).I had many difficulties to change it.I have tried to find it to Singapore and Malaysia but I found nothing.I know that it’s a fake in capacity,but my daughter’s friend just want to be changed with the same brand,not others.I’m waiting your information/reply. Thanks.

  32. DT Says:

    you’re right. There is no such thing as a *genuine* Sony 128GB flash drive. So if your daughter lost one then I say good riddance!

    If she wants to make up for the loss to her friend, then why dont you buy a real Sony disk with authentic capacity? You can check out the following post for an overview and where to buy.

    However, if you want to maintain the illusion of a 128GB Sony disk towards your daughter’s friend all you have to do is go to Ebay and search for “Sony 128GB USB”. Though I have to wonder why you’d wanna do that and if that would be considered “doing your friend a favor”.

  33. DT Says:

    Update: After I contacted several sellers that appear to offer genuine as well as fake 128GB flash drives I got a few replies back, probably from 1/3. Basically I had advised/warned the sellers of the situation and that the only test for authentic 128GB is a maximum data transfer. I am publishing the answers here and you can make of them what you will. Personally, I like the last one as it pretty much sums up the attitude of the fraudsters. Fortunately there are also sellers that seem responsible and genuinely concerned.

    Collection of seller answers:

    Thank you for the question, Dennis. I do not see this as a fake product. I tested mine out today and they and the last one that I tested showed it to have 134.18gb storage capacity. I purchased it as genuine. It was sold to me as genuine. My supplier told me that it was genuine. I believe it to be genuine. It tests out as genuine. The packaging tells me that it is genuine. The serial number on the outside indicates that it is

    I hope this helps. I do not feel comfortable however, sharing the price that I paid for these with you. Sorry…

    - bigcrosshoss

    After a follow-up I got the following reply:

    Thank you for the feedback. I’ll test per your recommendations.

    - bigcrosshoss


    Hi there

    i have already done the usb test and all seems fine. i have also filled the usb with full data and all is retrievable.

    Thanks for your help and advice

    - usb-mania


    I will check into it. Thanks for the info!

    - ermark2010



    - rephone09

    first of, no flash drive nor hard drive actually comes with the advertised space on it… and second i bought mines from china… i have two that works. i also heard that some of them kingston flash drive crashes… i’ve always knew that. i had some of mines that crashed too. i will not lie to you about that. i paid a $100 piece. i just want to make some money back thats all. i can care less how much i spent.

    - gadorecords


    este produto nao e genuino Sony. Mas este produto e genuino 128gb com real 125gb livre. aonde eu comprei isto nao e dos seus negocios. Estes produtos tem garantia por mim se qualquer comprador tiver qualquer problema com o produto, eu envio outro de volta novo. Se voce esta achando muito barato. voce pode comprar de mim e revender e tenha bons negocios..

    – juniofarma100

    This seller replied to me in Portuguese though my question was in English, across the board. Google translates it as following:
    This product is not genuine Sony. But this product and genuine 128GB with real 125gb free. where I bought it and not their business. These products are guaranteed by me if any buyer has any problem with the product, I send another back again. If you’re finding very cheap. you can buy me and sell and have good business ..



    - knightchina

  34. Mike Says:

    I have to disagree with entry no 30.

    A big number of positive feedback does not mean a thing. I bought a proven fake 16GB stick from Ebay seller “mamaseller2009″.

    Th seller was in operation for a bit more than 5 months only (in 2009) until suspended.

    In that short time he sold a lot and collected 4337 positive replies and “only” 51 neutral and 34 negative which still ends with 99.2% positive feedback.

    Also at the time I bought, which was some time before suspension, there were almost no negative feedback. That means that the number of positive feedback doesn’t mean a thing.

    It also means that those Ebay sellers have big business. In this example there are 4337 positive feedback in only 5 months, that means at least 4337 sold items in 5 months, that in turn means big money!!

    Some people estimate that around 70% of sold USB flash drives on Ebay are fakes. I personally think this is not far from the truth and my advice is to be extremely cautions when buying flash drives from Ebay or better not buy any flash drives from Ebay.

    And I still find it very objectionable that you link to Ebay auctions on your site which, in my opinion, are also offering fake flash drives. This is objectionable because you write about fake flash drives, how to detect them and about the danger of buying them on Ebay, so people trust links made from this site to Ebay auctions.

  35. DT Says:

    Thank you for your comment. I understand where you’re coming from. But please understand where I’m coming from too. As I already explained earlier Im just not able to filter out all fake flash drives listings. Its just not possible as the plugin works by Ebay’s live feed and not by something I can pre-select. So the only way this could be achieved is if Ebay itself was to somehow know beforehand when a listing is fake and hence prohibit its publication. Obviously this can’t be done so the only thing I can do as an affiliate is to warn people while at the same time offer them their options. Understand that that is what they simple are – options.

    To be clear – any fakes that may appear on my site through the WordBay plugin are not meant as endorsements and should not be seen that way. If you disagree with this Im sorry but then I challenge you to manage an affiliate website that actually is able to block all frauds and link only to real deals – from any retail site. Are you able to do that? The only thing that I can still do is to take off all Kingston DT variations from the WordBay keywords for this page. (I have reluctantly done so now) Thats as much responsibility I can exercise as an affiliate. The other responsibilities are up to the sellers and buyers.

    As for your statistic of 70% fakes – do you have a reputable source for this? Because to me that’s utterly ridiculous and sounds like pure, scare-mongering Ebay bashing. 70% of sold 128GB flash drives maybe, but not “70% of sold USB flash drives”. Please dont let one bad Ebay experience (or more) cloud your judgment. Naturally, in a huge marketplace like that you’re bound to have rotten apples but the good apples usually prevail (which means the majority). So again, I kindly submit that your statement isn’t fair due to being so generalizing. You see, caution needs to be exercised with these things too – but I guess you only offered that statement as an option to consider and not as an endorsement, huh? ;-)

  36. Scott D. Atwell Says:


    Well, I wrote to one of the sellers at Ebay regarding the 128GB Kingston flash drive. (The 256 GB flash is new enough that it really isn’t listed more than once there or on Amazon.com yet.) Anyway, I asked this seller if he would be willing to sell me one or two of these. The list price was approximately $380.00 elsewhere, so Ebay seemed like a place where I could save a bit of cash. The seller wrote back and told me he could ship two of them to me for $49.00 each! When I asked him if these sticks were ‘the real deal,’ his response left me a bit concerned as to whether these were genuine or fakes. So I decided not to purchase any of the 128GB flash drives from him. Now I have my eyes on the 256 GB. :)

  37. DT Says:

    good for you! If you go to my 256GB flash drive page you can see that there’s at least one 256GB available on Ebay now (from the US). Im pretty positive that this is genuine but of course you can feel free to contact that seller too. As for my own seller replies, just see my comment no 33. ;-)

  38. Scott D. Atwell Says:



    Just an FYI –

    The link you provided above does not seem to be working. :)

  39. DT Says:

    Thanks Scott, I fixed the link. Silly me forgot the h in http. ;-)

  40. Doreen Says:

    Most SONY 128GB Flash drives are fake, they have a ‘vaio’ on package and on side of drive are the old 2gb drives.

  41. DT Says:

    Yes, as I already mentioned there’s no official Sony model on the market that has more than 16GB.

  42. Daniel Says:


    I kind of stumbled unto your site by accident but wanted to point something out.

    People think that just because these 128gb+ sticks retail for $300+ that it is an indication that a product is probably fake if it’s being sold for $100 or less on eBay.

    While I’m not saying there aren’t fakes the fact is – when you think about the manufacturing costs – do you really think there is much of a difference between mass producing a 32gb stick vs. a 128gb stick? No! Maybe a few pennies a piece.

    These sticks cost $10-$30 a piece (yes that’s correct!) when you order them from distributors and wholesalers in large quantities from China. The reason a retailer whether that be on or offline charge $300+ is because they can – the market dictates that price. e.g. a 32gb costs $150 so why would they sell you the 128gb for $100 when people are still more than willing to pay $150 for 1/4th the storage? Get it?

    Meanwhile on eBay it is not everyone’s intention to sell for maximum profit – they can still make some decent coin selling way below what you consider “retail”. e.g. A seller on eBay who buys 100 pieces is more than happy to make $50 per piece whereas a retailer who buys 10000 pieces will milk you dry because they know they can and they know you WILL PAY that price and they are all about the bottom line.

    It’s funny how uninformed the vast majority of the population is and how brainwashed we’ve been to believe that a lot of these things actually are “worth” nearly as much as we pay for them. It’s a piece of plastic with a little circuit board inside, it’s not a Ferrari…off to order 1000 pieces and make an online store so I can sell it for $300 to all you suckers.

    Take care :)

  43. DT Says:

    Thanks for your opinion Daniel. I can somewhat follow your sense of reasoning but I don’t subscribe to it. Especially when you view other people as suckers…

  44. Daniel Says:

    DT, I didn’t mean to offend just trying to make a point. I buy things just like everyone else I’m a sucker too.

    Think about this though, how would people feel if they walked into their favorite electronics retailer to go buy a 128gb usb stick. They find it and see the price tag says $300. Below the price it says, our cost for this product was $20, we are making $280 when you buy this usb stick?

    Would people still buy it? Would they be disgusted? Would they think the product is “cheap”?

    The fact is marketing has a lot to do with what we are willing to pay for an item. Go look at some eBay auctions for the same product (not necessarily usb sticks) and try to figure out why seller 2 sold the exact same product for 20%+ or more than seller 1. Feedback aside, a lot of it has to do with the way the seller presents the item.

    My 2 cents.

  45. DT Says:

    Usually the Ebay seller that ends up with more money than the other is the one that puts more effort into the images and description of the product. And of course, the seller conditions play a role too. Anyway – I may be naive, but I doubt that the pricing discrepancy you cite above is realistic. But even if it is, I think in the end it comes down to how valuable the consumer considers a product to be – and that may often be a lot more than the actual production and presentation may warrant. Its up to the individual.

  46. Mike Millan Says:

    Don’t you people think we won’t need that much space in a USB for at least 3 to 4 more years or else we have to match the data transfer rate with that of a hard disk to ensure that it is an attraction.

  47. DT Says:

    Mike, Im pretty sure some people enjoy that much flash drive space – including me – even if the speed is behind HD rates. It depends on whatever aspects you value more (speed, space, portability, etc) and besides, its not like you have to use 128GB for single 5GB files. ;-) Having said all that, USB 3.0 is around the corner so the speeds will vastly improve and probably outdo regular hard drives.

  48. channa Says:

    Hi DT,

    i bought Kingston DT 200 128GB pen, but i faild to format it… can u help me

  49. DT Says:

    how did you try to format it? Why did you need to format it anyway? Sounds like you got a fake…

  50. Cleow @ Short Stories Says:

    Dang, that’s a lot of flash drives. I wonder if these things are worth so much more than an equally priced (and much larger, both physically and memory-wise) hard drive.
    .-= Cleow @ Short Stories´s last blog post ..Humans Can Lick Too, My Beautiful =-.

  51. DT Says:

    Cloew, I go into that subject matter here:
    Flash Drives vs Hard Drives

  52. admin @ Sell Home Now Says:

    Wow! I just knew that there was a flash drive capacity of 128GB. Big & Very large capacity! I have only a 4GB capacity. ;)
    .-= Sell Home Now´s last blog post ..Home Foreclosed =-.

  53. James @ Workwear Says:

    128GB is really really cool. That is more than the storage one of my friend even has in his hard disk. Really cool. Thanks

  54. John @ Vertical Jump Workout Says:

    Thanks for the big list of drives. I’ve been looking for a good one to backup my files with.

    .-= John @ Vertical Jump Workout´s last blog post ..This site is undergoing some updates! =-.

  55. a5 @ Advertising Player Says:

    Just a question is it possible to recover data once it is deleted from a USB? Please help!

  56. DT Says:

    There is software that may help with that but its never a 100% guarantee. For instance, Recuva. You can use it for recovering deleted files from all kinds of media.

  57. Alysanne @ Kitchens Manchester Says:

    Great set of pen drives I must say. Thanks a bunch for the information. Newer knew there was such a variety. Cheers

  58. pandora @ white kitchen cabinets Says:

    Great article. The nowadays are really cool and high tech. Thanks a bunch. Cheers

  59. Walter @ Knight Elite Says:

    Wow what a list! Thanks for it I decided on getting the Team X091 128gh

  60. Jamie @ Angelina Jolie Movies Lover Says:

    I can’t get over how high tech these things are getting… I feel so old fashioned for still carrying around <1GB throwaway thumb drives…

  61. Marie @ Mobility Scooter Says:

    128GB is really really cool. That is more than the storage one of my friend even has in his hard disk.

  62. Brandes @Save The Queen Clothing Says:

    People think that just because these 128gb+ sticks retail for $300+ that it is an indication that a product is probably fake. Some what this is true

  63. DT Says:

    Brandes, if you’re lucky you can find the real deal for $300 or so by now. I’ve seen a few genuine ebay listings like that lately hence I’ve lowered the price range bar to $200. Most of the fake listings start with $0 or some ridiculously low price like $30.

  64. Chris @ Mobility Products Says:

    128 GB flash drive? really?? could you please please post the probable price of it? I would love to get my hands on that! hard drives are such a pain to carry around!

  65. DT Says:

    Chris, since there are several 128GB models on the market the price can range anywhere between $300 and $550. So its best to check the links for price fluctuations. In case you can get a “used” listing the price should be cheaper of course, but then ask yourself why somebody would sell it used. That could be just another disguise for the faked ones.

  66. dan @ get free nx codes Says:

    I just picked up a 64gb, I can’t even begin to think of what I’d put on it, let alone having twice as much space! I also heard recently of Kingston’s 256gb stick that is on the prawl. These flash drives are becoming more like external hard drives!

  67. Anil @ Adam Sandler Movies Says:

    Wow, what a storage capacity. In India, I have seen just upto 5GB so far. 128 GB is still like a dream here I would say. Are they shipped to Asian countries?

  68. DT Says:

    Anil, 5GB is kind of an odd capacity. I do have a post on it but usually there aren’t any real USB flash drives out there with 5GB. SSD hard drives, yes. As for shipping to Asia, why not? You have to check/inquire with the eBay listings if any of the sellers (are willing to) ship there. Some sell worldwide but be weary of those selling from Asia themselves – like I posted, most likely those 128GB drives are fake.

  69. alex johnson Says:

    Awesome. These are some amazing products. It still stuns me that just a few years ago you would struggle to get a hdd that big, and now you can have 128GB on your keyring.
    .-= alex johnson´s last blog post ..open ebay business =-.

  70. bill @ free Nintendo points Says:

    Any idea when we can score a 512GB USB stick? I’d really like one of those!

  71. james braselton Says:

    hi there you are wirght usb flash drive key chains at 128 gb flash drive but you are wrong kingston travler 300 at 256 gb is the largest usb flash drive key chain its for sale for a rediculus price on the internet the cheapest is $650 for 256 gb usb flash drive and the highest retailer has the travler 300 listed at $1,100

  72. Mark @ Secret Shopper Says:

    Even though this article isn’t brand new, I still think 128gb is absolutely massive. It’s quite surprising how fast technology is changing though – what will be the biggest size next year? At the moment my little 2gb Cruzer seems to do the trick. All the best, Mark.

  73. adam @ kitchen doors Says:

    Some good designs, I think we will be amazed in the coming months with some of the gadgets coming out and the gb of harddisk they hold.

  74. Hai Nam Says:

    please send me price list on the types of USB

  75. DT Says:

    Hai Nam,
    I dont have a price list since I dont sell the drives myself. You need to browse through the different brands and categories to the left and click on the seller links to get an overview of pricing (which btw, can differ widely).

  76. dignitas Says:

    I lucked out and got a real one from a cheap seller on ebay, sad to see this isn’t the norm.

  77. jeff @ www.verticaljumptrainingprogram.net Says:

    Anyone know the largest flash drive that is available? Something like a terabyte maybe, I need something bigger than 128.

  78. DT Says:

    Jeff, the biggest currently available is 256GB. See my other respective post on that, under “capacities”.

  79. Trevor @ http://howtogetfreenx.com Says:

    These would be really helpful for my PS2 since I don’t like lugging around my portable hard drive.

    Any chance you’ll be getting TB size drives anytime soon? I could use one of those…

  80. Jonny @ www.onlinesurveys.co.uk Says:

    Is it as bulky as it looks in the photo? Ideally the answer is yes, as the last few flash drives I’ve bought have all been broken within months due to poor quality and just generally not as strong as they could be. I’m someone that needs good functionality as well as form! Jonny

  81. Dee Says:

    Can you tell me what your test recommendations are. I would like to present them to a seller as a question for them on a drive I’d like to buy. thanks

  82. DT Says:

    if you mean how to test the 128GB capacity then there’s only one way to really make sure – and that is to transfer actual 128GB worth of data from a laptop or whatever (well, technically its a bit less than 128GB that would fit on the flash drive). I guess you would have to ask the seller to do a live test demonstration. But still be wary – ensure that the files transferred really do represent ~128 and aren’t faked in any way.

  83. admin @ sporting-goods-shop.com Says:

    Wow, it’s big capacity. But I can’t get it in my country ~ Indonesia.

  84. Glovis @ www.itgifts.com.my Says:

    Awesome post. These are amazing usb flash drive model you list out. It really stun me now with the availability of 128gb usb thumb drive with just a keyring size. Technology is indeed changing very fast.

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