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When it comes to 8GB flash drives there can be sort of threshold with proper file format and recognition. Some operating systems that use regular FAT or NFTS can show compatibiltiy issues with memory sticks over 4GB. That’s because the files may get too large to handle (beyond the very same 4GB) or the overhead gets clogged. It’s rather extreme situations but some users need that type of performance.

So if you ever come across a problem like an incomplete or incorrect file transfer just make sure you switch to the eFAT file system which is specifically suited for USB flash drives. You can get drivers from the net, just google downloads for “eFat” or “exFat”. For Windows you can click here: exFat for Windows XP.

Personally I’ve never had any difficulties with this but having seen a few posts in the forum world I figured I let you know in case you need such extreme performances. For most files there should be no problem and the following table gives you an overview of how much you can store on an 8GB memory stick.

Photo media (jpg)

Format of files Size of files Number of files
0.2 MP (~480×360) 40 KB 200000
0.3 MP (~640×480) 75 KB 106666
0.8 MP (~1024×768) 150 KB 53333
1 MP (~1280×960) 250 KB 32000
2 MP (~1600×1200) 850 KB 9411
3 MP (~2048×1536) 1.2 MB 6666
4 MP (~2372×1804) 1.9 MB 4210
5 MP (~2560×1920) 2.5 MB 3200
6 MP (~3264×1836) 3 MB 2666

Music media (mp3)

Format of files Number of minutes Number of files
128kb/s 8333 (138h 53min) 2083 mp3s (~4 min)
160kb/s 6666 (111h 6min) 1666 mp3s (~4 min)
192kb/s 5555 (92h 35min) 1388 mp3s (~4 min)

Video media (avi)

Size of files Number of files Number of minutes
100 MB 80 ~ 960 (16 hours)
175 MB 45 ~ 1012
350 MB 22 ~ 990-1100
700 MB 11 ~ 990-1320
1,4 GB 5 ~ 900-1200
2,1 GB 3 ~ 720-900
4,5 GB (complete DVD (vob)) 1 ~ 180-240

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