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Updated: March 20
(revised text, added PromoKeychain)

When you want to buy bulk flash drives, Ebay and PromoKeychain are the places to go. On Ebay you can choose from a huge variety with pretty good deals, including brands. At PromoKeychain you can focus more on customization needs such as logo imprinting and don’t need to depend on individual listings.

Wholesale Flash Drives with Swivels, Blue Transparency, Bullet, Slide & Wood Design

Bulk Flash Drives (@ logox21) ____or____ (promo)

The Ebay lots for wholesale USB drives can vary between 5 and 1000+ while PromoKeychain offers up to 25,000+ pieces. They include generic designs with caps, Swivels or Sliders and capacities usually range from 64MB to 32GB. Custom shapes are also available from the practical like Cards, Pens or Bracelets to the outlandish like Surfboards, Twigs and Soda Cans. These types are especially great if you want to attend to your clientele with business gifts and advertising.

But you can also get brand products like the Super Talent Pico or Kingston DataTraveler. Such bulk flash drives are popular among retailers to individually resell them for a profit. Which might be at the very same place that they get them from – Ebay. Yep, life can be convenient.

Of course you can also distribute wholesale USB drives among your employees. They could be meant as a thank you, promotion item or valuable work asset. All three should increase business productivity and thus, success.

Bulk Flash Drives with red silver Design

Whole Lot of Love: Wholesale USB Drives (@ logox21)

Also, maybe the data you’re dealing with is so massive and important that you like to have a backup of a backup. That can come in handy if your employees, customers or even yourself are notorious for losing stuff. Just resort to your stockpile in the storage and pick the replacement. Of course, tying them to Lanyards or Keychains may be the cheaper solution. As a matter of fact, PromoKeychain can already add these to your drives which should greatly reduce the risk of loss.

Custom Bulk Flash Drives with Keyrings, Carabiners, Bracelets & Leather

And then some: Wholesale Flash Drives with Accessories (@promo )

Whoever you plan to give your bulk flash drives to – if you need to copy your content, USB Duplicators are the way to go. They save you a lot of time cloning any work or promotional materials – leaving you with plenty of energy to concentrate on distribution. If you’re already certain what data to use and don’t have the extra means to duplicate on your own, PromoKeychain can do the pre-loading for you.

So what else you could possibly need wholesale flash drives for? Well, for one you could throw a memorable party, especially if USB Beer and Wine Bottles are invited. Or maybe you’re a gadget hacker that likes to crack open, experiment and construct your own whacky designs. Either just for fun or because you plan on going into business with your customizations – like a USB Coffin or SpongeBob Patrick Memory Stick. And if you already are in business – well, then just live and let customize. ;)

…on eBay right now:
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23 Responses to “Drives in Droves”

  1. Peter Brown Says:

    amature airbrush artist just emarking on business- seeking source of cheap 2gb or 4gb USB to Australia. Branded preferred, but not essential. Goal is to have an electronic portfolio available to give to perspective customers.

    Any advice welcome – would like a small initial purchase to ascertain viability (20 to 50 units?).

  2. DT Says:

    Hello Peter,
    thank you for commenting. Just so you know – I don’t ship or produce any of these flash drives nor do I have a company. You have to follow the links to actually get to the sellers/distributors. Having said that, I’m taking the liberty to paste in a link here that may help you to find what you’re looking for.

    Flash Drive Lots

    As you can see there’s plenty of bulk choices available. Specifically, here’s for 2 and 4gb:
    2 +4GB Bulk Flash Drives

    And here for Australia:
    Australian Bulk Flash Drives

    If you contact any of these sellers I’m sure they can accomodate you further also. Good luck and all the best!

  3. lc32 Says:

    like your article. Thanks for the sharing with us.

  4. nicolas @ drop shipper Says:

    I started with wholesale a few weeks ago, so this article really helped me a lot to get started.

  5. khee Says:

    nice usb and the price is very reasonable.
    .-= khee´s last blog post ..Quick SEO Service Guide =-.

  6. MissSapphire Says:

    “When you want to buy bulk flash drives, Ebay and PromoKeychain are the places to go. On Ebay you can choose from a huge variety with pretty good deals, including brands” You are absolutely right. I always search these kind of thing on eBay and I always find what I need!
    .-= MissSapphire´s last blog post ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  7. shawn Says:

    where can I find about 25 per order flash drives for around 100.00? 4gig is this possible?
    .-= shawn´s last blog post ..Worcester County Wedding Candids =-.

  8. DT Says:

    it seems unlikely for that price. But maybe you get lucky checking 4GB Bulk Ebay Listings.

  9. Henry Says:

    the customizable usb drive can make a good corporate gift. Especially if you print a company logo on top of it, it can double up as an advertisement media.

  10. Band and Musician Online Promotion Tips | Rough Ride Creations Blog Says:

    [...] that relates to your genre. Buy interesting items cheap, in bulk and have your URL printed on it (cheap memory sticks with 3-4  of your mp3s already on them, for example).  Even pens with your band name and URL [...]

  11. Richard D Solomon, PhD Says:

    Can you place information on a flash drive prior to selling them?

  12. DT Says:

    PromoKeychain as well as some of the bulk drive suppliers on eBay offer pre-loading of content. Just check around. :)

  13. Christina Says:

    Do you know where I can get the flash drives themselves without the shells? I am trying to make custom shells and only need the “innards”. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! :)

  14. DT Says:

    Unfortunately I dont, Christina. From what I know, most hackers just use old flash drives or buy generic ones in bulk, crack them open and reuse the “innards” with a new shell.

  15. RAHUL Says:

    i want to sell memory cards of all capacity(2,4,8,16)and pendrives(2,4,8,16,32)
    if any opne is intrested to purchase in bulk plzzz contact me
    i will sell this products in chandigarh,amritsar,ludhiana
    all stock is deliverd from delhi to the above mentiones places with a reasonable rates
    plz contact 8800716566

  16. selena @ Says:

    What about the custom USB drives or logo printed usb drives?
    How would you take such orders and take the designs for such USB drives?
    Is the price final as per listed in the website or do you even reduce the price at bulk orders?

  17. DT Says:

    I do not produce or sell the flash drives in bulk myself. You need to contact the sellers I have linked to in my post. When you provide them with your own logo its probably best to email them a jpg or png file so they can imprint it.

  18. sky @ Says:

    we can make the USB flash drives cases, and we have cooperated with an UAE guy for this project for five years. and we cooperated with each other very well all the time, if you have new project to develop, pls contact me soon. looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  19. Johnson Says:

    Getting flash drives in bulk is pretty cool if you have the funds. A company I used to work for handed out usb sticks with its logo to every new employee. While I’m not particularly fond of the logo (haha) I am still using the stick to this day. :)

  20. john michael Says:

    i will like to purchase 500 pieces of 4gb usb flash drive from your store, let me know the total cost with freight to TN, looking forward to your reply


  21. david ken Says:


    Please advise if you do carry any of the following items available in stock and also let us know the asking prices as well.
    16gb flash drive
    4gb memory card
    Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

    Best regards

  22. david Says:


    Please advise if you do carry this item
    16gb flash drive

    Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Best regards

  23. Keystone Electrons Says:

    Dear Sales

    Please kindly advise the pricing and also with the lead time on these items below.


    Kindly get back to us for more information.

    Sincere Regards,

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