Heart Drive

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Valentine’s Day Rotation: Originally posted January 28, 2010

As I mentioned on the Hello Kitty flash drive post I think USB heart pendants definitely qualify to woo women.

Heart Shaped Flash Drive

Comp is where the Heart is:
USB Heart Flash Drive
(@ logox21) or (white logo2)

in Bulk (@promo)

To juice up the romance, you could even store some meaningful data on them. A simple “I love you” poem in stylish font or an animation of two lovers walking hand in hand into the sunset is bound to boot up her heart drive. Or you could get really creative and inscribe your memory stick heart with an own recorded mp3 song, oozing out how you feel about her. And if you’re ballsy enough you could include the secret video you took when the two of you were making out before. Let me know what works best! :mrgreen:


Crystal Heart Flash Drive reveals USB Connector

Even a broken Heart can connect…:
Crystal Heart Flash Drive
(@ black logo)
or (black3)

p.s.: Of course heart shaped flash drives would make great gifts for any loved one, not just the person of your desire. Don’t you think? ;)

…on eBay right now:
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Drives in Droves

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Updated: March 20
(revised text, added PromoKeychain)

When you want to buy bulk flash drives, Ebay and PromoKeychain are the places to go. On Ebay you can choose from a huge variety with pretty good deals, including brands. At PromoKeychain you can focus more on customization needs such as logo imprinting and don’t need to depend on individual listings.

Wholesale Flash Drives with Swivels, Blue Transparency, Bullet, Slide & Wood Design

Bulk Flash Drives (@ logox21) ____or____ (promo)

The Ebay lots for wholesale USB drives can vary between 5 and 1000+ while PromoKeychain offers up to 25,000+ pieces. They include generic designs with caps, Swivels or Sliders and capacities usually range from 64MB to 32GB. Custom shapes are also available from the practical like Cards, Pens or Bracelets to the outlandish like Surfboards, Twigs and Soda Cans. These types are especially great if you want to attend to your clientele with business gifts and advertising.

But you can also get brand products like the Super Talent Pico or Kingston DataTraveler. Such bulk flash drives are popular among retailers to individually resell them for a profit. Which might be at the very same place that they get them from – Ebay. Yep, life can be convenient.

Of course you can also distribute wholesale USB drives among your employees. They could be meant as a thank you, promotion item or valuable work asset. All three should increase business productivity and thus, success.

Bulk Flash Drives with red silver Design

Whole Lot of Love: Wholesale USB Drives (@ logox21)

Also, maybe the data you’re dealing with is so massive and important that you like to have a backup of a backup. That can come in handy if your employees, customers or even yourself are notorious for losing stuff. Just resort to your stockpile in the storage and pick the replacement. Of course, tying them to Lanyards or Keychains may be the cheaper solution. As a matter of fact, PromoKeychain can already add these to your drives which should greatly reduce the risk of loss.

Custom Bulk Flash Drives with Keyrings, Carabiners, Bracelets & Leather

And then some: Wholesale Flash Drives with Accessories (@promo )

Whoever you plan to give your bulk flash drives to – if you need to copy your content, USB Duplicators are the way to go. They save you a lot of time cloning any work or promotional materials – leaving you with plenty of energy to concentrate on distribution. If you’re already certain what data to use and don’t have the extra means to duplicate on your own, PromoKeychain can do the pre-loading for you.

So what else you could possibly need wholesale flash drives for? Well, for one you could throw a memorable party, especially if USB Beer and Wine Bottles are invited. Or maybe you’re a gadget hacker that likes to crack open, experiment and construct your own whacky designs. Either just for fun or because you plan on going into business with your customizations – like a USB Coffin or SpongeBob Patrick Memory Stick. And if you already are in business – well, then just live and let customize. ;)

…on eBay right now:
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U3 4 USB

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What is U3 technology and what sets U3 flash drives apart from the rest?

In simple terms, its because their extra feature allows to run software and personal settings independent of the host computer. Previously, a USB drive was limited to store and transport files. But with U3 technology the same can be done with games and applications now. All under password protection and without leaving a trace! The only thing you do depend on is that the host computer runs Windows since U3 is only compatible with Microsoft’s operating system (from Windows 2000 SP4 upward).

Flash drives equipped with this functonality are called U3 smart drives. Once they’re plugged into a computer, the U3 launchpad starts and enables the user to run pre-installed software as well as download compliant applications.

U3 Launchpad showing U3 Technology

U3 Technology explained with the U3 Launchpad

The scope of U3 software is quite impressive. You can browse the internet with Firefox and take care of your emails with Outlook or Thunderbird. You can chat with your friends via Skype and send files via YouSendIt (up to 2GB). You can also run anti-virus programs like McAfee or Avast. Or you can use RoboForm to automatically fill out forms with your pre-stored information. Back-ups and photo editing are possible too.

But best of all, there’s a wide variety of U3 games you can play, including Big Fish Games. There’s puzzles like Sudoku or The Rise Of Atlantis, action via Fizzball or Monkey Business and various forms of Mahjong. Also board, card and word games.

Here are detailed lists of U3 software:

- U3 Software Central

- U3 Big Fish Games

Companies that are marketing U3 smart drives are Memorex, Verbatim and Toshiba. The biggest distributor is SanDisk as almost all of their Cruzer flash drives feature U3 technology. But that’s no surprise as they co-invented it, together with M-Systems.

Four U3 Flash Drives: Memorex TravelDrive, SanDisk Slide, Verbatim Store 'n' Go, Toshiba Ginga

Flash Drives enhanced with Software: U3 Smart Drives (@ black logo)

or (black3)

Since most of these flash drives are pretty cool by themselves it’s also possible to remove the U3 and use them as regular storage devices. This may actually be a vital option in case your system has problems handling the extra functionality. Luckily it’s easy to remove as the uninstall utility is included.

Let’s conclude with an interesting question. What gives U3 technology its odd name? According to the inventors, it represents three “you” statements. “Simplified for You”, “Smarter about You” and “As mobile as You”.

For more information feel free to check the U3 website.

…on eBay right now:
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