Stick your Neck out

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Want to have your files pending in glamor? Want to stick your neck out? (Or should I say neck your stick out…?) Consider these flash drive necklaces and pendants.

Guitar Necklace Flash Drive

Hanging on a String: USB Guitar Necklace (@ logox21)

As you can gather, some of these are quite elegant and their shapes speak pure style. For example: pearls, crosses, owls, swords, butterflies and guitars. What really makes them special in my opinion is their adornment with silver, gold or platinum and beautifully reflecting crystals. Typically, they come in a capacity between 1 – 8GB and in a jewelry type gift box. You may find yourself asking though: What about the not so pretty USB connector? Well, like other flash drives it’s only exposed by folding or removing a cap. So you see, design is not compromised when carrying a necklace memory stick.

Owl Necklace Flash Drive

Quite a Hoot: USB Owl Necklace (@ black logo)

What else can be said? Well, a specific type that I feel deserves its own post are heart shaped USB pendants. Call me cheesy but I find this all very pretty! I think it’s safe to say that necklace flash drives make significant presents for people you care about. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Hanging Tough

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Here you can blog & buy flash drive lanyards. These are really special to me!
Because the first time I saw a memory stick was when my dad was sporting one around his neck. I asked him: “What kind of a weird necklace are you wearing there?” “Oh, that’s actually a lanyard with a USB stick…” “A what?”
Well, the rest is history and ultimately led me to make this website.

When I did, the magic kept manifesting. I soon found out that you can carry your flash drives also via necklaces, keychains, wrist or flash bands. So wherever you go and a situation calls for it, you’re ready and prepared to deal with the data universe. And most importantly, you can reduce the risk of losing your precious memory companion.

If you’re a goofball you could also use your USB lanyard or bracelet to simply show off. I’m sure some people would be impressed! Before you knew it they would start competing with you about who’s wearing more GBs. Maybe that could even be a way of winning over chicks? You know, “The more the merrier” or “Hey there, I was wondering what kind of a weird pendant you are wearing?” :wink:

Well, whatever your motiv or usage is one thing remains clear: USB memory sticks are all about convenience and that includes easy transportation!

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The Keychain Gang

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Here you can blog & buy flash drive keychains.
I suggest you carry your memory stick like that only if you’re among those that don’t notoriously lose their keys and whatever they’re hooked to. Can you imagine a stranger not only having access to your home but also to your innermost secrets saved in a wordpad document?

Then again, handing down sensitive data could happen with any USB flash drive. If you’re really worried about stuff like that I suggest you take a look at secure memory sticks. Personally it doesn’t bother me as I’m pretty much an open person anyway (and usually, organized).

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