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Since ‘tis the season let us see if there are any specific Christmas flash drives.
You know, ones that don’t just make for great gifts but actually have a Christmas theme.
So get your eggnog ready…

At first we can prove that there really is a Santa Claus. Not at the north pole but at the port of your ho-ho-home computer.

5 different Santa Claus Flash Drives: with Sack, flexing, iBear, rejoicing & hugging

Coming to Tower: Santa Claus Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

Santa Claus flash drives may hug, wave, flex their muscle, carry a sack or even come as an iBear.
Santa can have his belly stuffed with 1 to 16GB and may weigh around 18g.
The fastest Santa Claus flash drive flies with 12 MB/s but may even be faster if he has his reindeer to help out.

Reindeer Flash Drive with lid on & off

Dancing, Prancing, Blitzing: Reindeer Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

The reindeer memory stick pulls gifts in a total of 8GB and may even protect them with password wrap.
It sports a little bell on his leash and a big red nose which more than likely contains the LED.
This USB reindeer has grown up to be 62 x 30 x 14 mm and has been bred as a Super Talent Flash Drive.

A breed of another kind is the Christmas tree flash drive.

Two Christmas Tree Flash Drives with trunk lid on & off

Evergear: Christmas Tree Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

Not only is it decorated by itself with baubles and tinsel but it also serves as a practical ornament for your computer. And that without losing any fir needles or cones. The Christmas tree flash drive has a weight of 22g but can be reduced when the tree trunk is lifted as the USB interface cap. Likewise it may gain weight by attaching a key ring through the hole of the star top.

On to our next Christmas surprise. Aside from Santa’s gang and a tree what else is a must have for the Holidays? Of course, Christmas stockings.

2 Christmas Stocking Flash Drives, one retractable & one with cap

To stuff and be stuffed: Christmas Stocking Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

Instead of hanging by your chimney they only look like one while they sock it to your computer with 1-4GB. They’re stuffed with password and partitioning support and – no surprise there – they’re bootable. More of a surprise though is the retractable USB connector. However there’s also a cap variety.

Now we move away from the warm and cozy Christmas interior and see what’s outside in the snowy, enchanting landscape.

Snowman flash drives!

Four Snowman Flash Drives: Red Hat (2 types), Blue Hat & Black Hat

Merry Men: Snowman Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

In the true tradition of creative snowmen building these too stand in different forms and sizes. They may have scarves, red, black or blue hats and consist of 2-8GB of snow. Of course you have to watch that they don’t melt while sitting in your USB port but usually they enjoy getting a break from the cold.

Frolicking around beside the rather static snowmen is the USB Christmas dog.

Snowdog Flash Drive with head lid on & off

Jolly Good Fellow: Snowdog Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

It has a red Santa hat and looks a little bit like Snoopy. While this Snowdog may not be as frolicky as the Humping Dog Flash Drive it can definitely hold its own territory with a range of 2 to 8GB. And it sure makes a great companion to USB Santa Claus.

Back to a more static winter figure we have the Santa Penguin.

Santa Penguin Flash Drive with head lid on & off

Frostbytes: Santa Penguin Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

With a movable head to reveal the USB connector and a Christmas tree carry strap, this Penguin flash drive merrily joins the 2-8GB family.

Last but not least, there are plenty of custom Christmas flash drives available that don’t come in the shape of a particular figure but with a holiday theme imprinted.

Various Christmas labelled Flash Drives: Snowman, Santa Claus, Candles, Wreath, Bells, Crip, Christmas Tree, Santa with Sleigh, snowed in House, Christmas Carol movie

Xmas themes aplenty: Christmas Flash Drives (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

There are slim card flash drives with wreaths, Santa Claus, jingle bells and nativity scenes.
There are also regular shapes showing Christmas trees, a romantic snowed in house and Santa with his reindeer sleigh.

Well, unless you want to be a scrooge, these Christmas flash drives are wonderful gifts to your loved ones and their computers. Whether a Snowman or Santa himself, they all can be considered diligent little helpers, even elfin. And that’s no humbug!

…on eBay right now:
[wordbay]usb +(drive,stick,tree) +(santa claus,christmas,snowman,weihnachten,nikolaus) -(reg.,gift,pen disk,decorate)[/wordbay]

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Hey guys! Nice products. I like the rubber flash drive. Is this total for customazing? The pinguin is so amazing!!! very fantabulous!

  2. stacie @ led strips Says:

    I definitely have to get one of those Santa ones! I’m not sure why, I don’t really use flash drives anymore now I’ve finished studying but I will FIND a use for one of those at Christmas! They’re just too cute to not get one.

  3. Ray Says:

    have to get one of those Santa ones!
    .-= Ray´s last blog post ..Providing Quality synthetic xmas Trees =-.

  4. Sabrina @ north myrtle beach family portrait photographer Says:

    These are all so cute! So refreshing compared to the boring, plain memory sticks I have all jumbled up in my drawer.

    I gotta have those Christmas stockings!

  5. admin @ coeur d’alene heating and air conditioning Says:

    I like the 4GB Santa Claus with sack memory stick. This is unique and cute. I know what to give for my team this Christmas. Thanks for sharing this wonderful memory stick design.

  6. GT @ web design coeur d’alene Says:

    Wow! Cute flash drives. I like the snowdog flash drive. These are unique designs for flash drives. My daughter will surely love this as Christmas gift.

  7. dlf Says:

    These colorful Christmas flash drives will surely make a wonderful present for my brothers. These designs are so adorable. Whoever possesses one of these flash drives will surely feel that everyday is Christmas.

  8. Admin @ Lemax Says:

    These really do get me in a festive kind of mood, or as festive as USB memory sticks can make you feel. I don’t know if I would use them all year round, but they fit a few months of the year very well.

  9. Chris Says:

    USB drives can make a great gift and what better way to have the festive spirit with you at all time than Christmas USB drives. Cool gift…thx for sharing!
    .-= Chris´s last blog post ..Classic Christmas Movies =-.

  10. khael Says:

    nice idea for gifts! I like the reindeer flash drive, it’s good even after the holidays.
    .-= khael´s last blog post ..Miniature Christmas Trees updated Tue Dec 7 2010 12-25 pm CST =-.

  11. Joe from led strips Says:

    Are they still on sale for this year? Is there any new ones out?
    .-= Joe from led strips´s last blog post ..New LED-Tapecom Website launched =-.

  12. DT Says:

    Of course they are, Joe. And from what I can see in the listings there are some new Santa Claus and Reindeer designs. Usually there’s always a bit of variation every year. :)

  13. Steve Says:

    Wow – these are fab and congrats on the quality of the images as well – they really bring the USB drives to life

  14. Lorena Dunn Says:

    I definitely have to get one of those Santa ones! I’m not sure why, I don’t really use flash drives anymore now I’ve finished studying but I will FIND a use for one of those at Christmas! They’re just too cute to not get one.

  15. Admin @ LED Tape Says:

    Cant wait to see some new ones! loving the dog design. :)

  16. Michelle – Classic Photographers Says:

    I love those Christmas Trees and those Santa Clauses climbing up the chimneys! They make me want to throw out my boring old USB right now. ;)

  17. Joe @ LED Tape Says:

    It’s a long way till Christmas at the moment :(

  18. adam @ PAGG Stack Says:

    Even nicer would be a rabbit usb stick for Easter ;)

  19. Pierre Rattini @ Says:

    I came by your site accidentally but was blown away. I had know idea there were usb sticks like this. The ones that look like branches are so unique.

  20. Simon @ Says:

    USB products really have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, with christmas coming round again so quickly (as always!) i’m sure these will make fine gifts, useful too.

  21. Lancia Thema @ Says:

    I`ve bought a Santa Claws USB-Stick from your Preview…

  22. Cass @ Says:

    Lovely memory sticks! I like the santa and the socks designs.

  23. Gordon @ Says:

    Think the penguin one is cute but my daughter would probably pinch it off me!

  24. Says:

    I love those Christmas Trees and those Santa Clauses climbing up the chimneys!

  25. FlashDrive09 Says:

    The flash drives shown above are perfect gifting option for special events or giveaways. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.

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