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Updated: June 1, 2010 (see USB Rocky Flash Drives)

Here’s to more funny flash drives.

How about a kissing octopus? First, you suck out the data…

Kissing Octopus Flash Drive

And then you share it!

Kissing Octopus Flash Drive Couple

Cute Coupling: Kissing Octopus Flash Drives (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

Or how about an actual finger thumb drive?

Finger Shaped Flash Drive

This Thumbnail needs sticked, not clicked: Finger Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

Wouldn’t it be funny if you could this one to fool biometric fingerprinting on a secure memory stick?

And while we’re speaking of “detached” things: Another flash drive that could easily fool is this cut off USB cable – not just people but maybe your computer too.

Hacked USB Cable Flash Drive

Hacked: Broken USB Cable Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

One that would manage to accidentally hack off a cable and still trip over it is the following character.

Mr.Bean Flash Drive

Hopefully less clumsy: Mr.Bean Flash Drive (@ black logo)

or (black3)

Yes, there’s even a Mr.Bean memory stick.

And speaking of fictional characters, here is one that’s clumsy in words but tough in physique:


Rocky Flash Drive in package & three different work-out positions

In The Byte Of The Tiger: Rocky USB Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

This so called Crunching Rocky flash drive is eager to work out the flash. Unfortunately it can’t succeed because it’s purely a gag gift – in other words it has no memory capacity which kinda stays true to the Rocky character. In other words, he’s knocked out of Megabytes. The same goes for his opponents…

Apollo & Mr.T Flash Drive sitting up

Pumping around: Apollo & Mr.T Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

…of which there are: Mr.T and Apollo. Yo Adrian, which one of these gadgets on steroids would win the match of sit-ups? Yo Rocky, if you enter the related Humping Dog Flash Drives, probably none of them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these. Keep an eye on this site and you may be surprised what you’ll find. :-D

…on eBay right now:
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26 Responses to “More USB Fun”

  1. Tim Trainum Says:

    Those are awesome!!!! I like the kissing octopus

  2. DT Says:

    Glad you like them Tim! I checked out your site and its cool too. Youre definitely on the right track there, flash drive albums and promotions are the future.

  3. ovie Says:

    cara belinya gimna??
    trus ada bentuk gimna aja USB a

    lucu” sih

    aku mau

  4. DT Says:

    Hello ovie,
    Google translates this as Indonesian but can barely make sense of it. Since I don’t speak the language can you please write this in english?

  5. Viva Says:

    Ovie was saying: how to buy the usb drives listed here? She would like to buy some. And are there more cute/funny usb flash drives? :)

  6. DT Says:

    Hey Viva,
    thanks for the translation! If one wants to buy, one just needs to follow the ebay or amazon links. (If one wants to buy there)

    There’s plenty of funny flash drives, just browse through the category to the left or through the links at the bottom of this post. :)

  7. -dude Says:

    heya my m8 is the no.1 fan of spongebob and the reason why she didnt enter spongebob superfan is cause she was too busy recording spongebob all day

  8. Schwag Says:

    The kissing octopi are adorable! Where would I find those at?

    Have you ever seen the bear that looks like you crammed his head into the USB port? He’s cute and sad all at one time- definitely worth checking out. Haha

    I just did a blog on him at Hope to see you there!

  9. DT Says:

    Hi Schwag,
    you can find the octopi at the links I provided. As for the bear, yes I’ve seen it. Sooner or later I will make a post (or rather a series of posts) on all these animal flash drives. I will make sure to include the headless bear. :)

  10. Dave Says:

    haha that broken cable one is a classic! where is the memory inside the plug?

  11. DT Says:

    the plug holds more than enough space for the flash memory. ;-)

  12. Angela @ webdesign Says:

    Wow, the kissing octopi are really cute! I love the way they share data haha! Nice designs as well. I’ll be sure to order them at those links you’ve provided.

  13. Kelsey Says:


  14. Yoerhey Says:

    Hey, I’m looking for a Spongebob USB Flash Drive. I can’t find any of them on Ebay nor Amazon. Where can I get it?

  15. DT Says:

    sometimes these flash drives are hard to find with common keywords or spelling. After doing some sleuthing with less common phrases I was able to find a whole bunch of SpongeBob drives. I actually just made an entire post about Spongebob so check it out: SpongeBob Computer Gadgets

  16. admin @ led spotlights Says:

    DT, the broken USB looking memory stick is my favourite of all time, ever. I have never seen anything like it until I came here! Also, the Rocky themed ones made me laugh, and how fitting that I just bought a Rocky t-shirt today? What are the odds?

  17. DT Says:

    The odds are 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…0! ;-)

  18. lynne @ personalised clothing Says:

    Well the two octupus (octupi) are amazing, I have never seen annything like that! And Rocky really made me smile, where on earth to you come up with these great ideas. Always nice to keep up to date with your latest USBs.

  19. DT Says:

    not I come up with these ideas but the sellers and manufacturers that I’m promoting here. :)

  20. MissSapphire Says:

    Those octopus are the most sweetest thing I have ever seen. Until now, I didn’t think that a USB has to be interesting but now that I see it, I totally changed my mind!
    .-= MissSapphire´s last blog post ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  21. Andrew Kevin Says:

    Those are very cute memory sticks. This seems to be the current rage in USB drives design.

  22. DC @ Latest gadgets Says:

    These are really crazy designs, but I like them all! All hearts for these gadgets!

  23. els @ schiphol Says:

    Why using memory sticks with services as dropbox??

  24. DT Says:

    why not? That way you have the data with you and you can transfer to computers that aren’t connected to the internet. Storing and transferring only online may have security risks.

  25. mariah @ Says:

    those are pretty cool usb sticks haha. do you have any easter sticks you know about? you know, with an easter bunny or easter egg, i would love those :-)

  26. shaun @ Says:

    WOW, I love the Mr T one, looks like im a bit too late as can no longer find on ebay.

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