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The Hamilton USB Transfer Express is one kind of a duplicator.
Not only can it transfer data to 15 clones and more, it also can speed from place to place due to its mobility.

Hamilton Transfer Express with & without USB Flash Drives

Hamilton USB Duplicator (@ black  logo) or (black3)

Copy/Erase up to 15 flash drives at once
Available as 1:15
Additional unit can be daisy-chained for 1:30
Standalone (no computer required)
Supports all popular formats, file sizes & capacities
Supports most USB devices
(Flash drives, cards, MP3 players, USB hard drives, etc.)
High-Speed USB
Copy to targets with one touch of a button
Copy multiple targets to one source
(Ideal for education & teacher assignments)
4-Key controller
Height x Width x Depth: ?
Weight: 4 lbs
Warranty: 90 day labor, 1 year parts

Tailored to podcasting and audio teaching, the Hamilton Transfer Express also comes as the EduCast Studio with built-in microphone and recording.

…on eBay right now:
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3 Responses to “Hamilton”

  1. Admin @ Custom essay Says:

    Wow! Very similar to USB-hub. Handy thing for compatibility several flash drives at once!

  2. DT Says:

    It does look like a hub, doesnt it? A hub is only for storing though and not for duplicating content to the flash drives.

  3. shirley @ thesis writing service Says:

    I’ve never seen a device that can duplicate content to multiple flash drives at once!!
    And yes, it does look like a USB hub :)

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