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Looking at Transcend JetFlashs, it’s noticeable there’s not only a vast line of models but also some unique extra features.

The most obvious is the JetFlash elite software which enhances usability and lends its name to the Transcend flash drives. The software can be installed in one step and offers many interesting options reminiscent of SanDisk’s U3.

JetFlash elite features:

6 Logos of Jetflash elite Software - PC-Lock, DataBackup, Secret-Zip, E-Mail, AutoLogin, Favorites

PC-Lock: Block access to your computer when away

(unplug JetFlash drive to lock, plug back in to unlock)

Secret-Zip: Compress and/or password protect saved files with AES Encryption

DataBackup: Backup, restore and synchronize important data. Instantly update existing backups.

AutoLogin: Automatically log in to websites where you have an account

Favorites:Save your favorite websites and browse them with no trace

Email: Securely receive, store and send emails

Boot-up function (prevalent in older editions):

Use your JetFlash to boot-up Windows

V1.0 upgradable to V2.0

Another great enhancement for Transcend flash drives is the online recovery tool.

JetFlash Online Recovery Screenshot showing Repair in progress

Whenever your JetFlash drive gives you trouble or just doesn’t work anymore you can try to repair it by accessing the recovery program on Transcend’s website. And that’s 24/7. If that’s not service, what is?

Last but not least there’s eSobi.

eSobi Software Screenshot showing Web page saving in progress

eSobi allows you to streamline information, manage web news and improve internet searching. This application also needs to be installed first and isn’t mandatory.

If you ask me, it’s pretty clear that Transcend leads the pack in terms of flash drive enhancements and additional functionality. And we’re not just talking superfluous fancy here. Either way, ultimately it’s up to the user to make use of these options and that’s what it’s all about: consumer choices.

Without further ado, let us get an overview of Transcend JetFlash drives.

JetFlash 110 – 220

JetFlash 300 – 700

JetFlash T

JetFlash V10 – V35

JetFlash V60 – V95

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34 Responses to “JetFlash elite”

  1. John Scioletti Says:

    I bought a V30 8 GB flash drive and according to the instructions that it came with I’m supposed to download the JetFlash Elite software.
    I have tried and can’t find where to download this software

  2. DT Says:

    Hello John,
    you can download the JetFlash elite software at the following link:
    Download JetFlash (Links at the bottom)
    Also here:
    Transcend Download Center
    Type in your model name at the top or alternatively, select product group “flash drives” and then select your model. It will show you a list of download links then (manuals etc.) and at the very bottom you find the link for the software. The first link I’ve given you should be easier though if you’re only looking for Elite.
    Btw, all JetFlash drives should work fine without the software too. :)

  3. jenny33 Says:

    love this new TRANSCEND jetflash v20 4gb USB flash drive TS4GJFV20

  4. Martin Says:

    My uncle bought TRANSCEND JetFlash V95 4GB USB 2.0 Fash Drive and had trouble in locating where to download the software from. Any info can help

  5. DT Says:

    Martin, please see the download link and instructions in my comment above.

  6. MoJiLP Says:

    I love Transcend JetFlash® 110 [4GB]

    Read speed >> 30 MByte/sec
    Write speed >> 25 MByte/sec

  7. Gary @ Computer Repair Fort Lauderdale Says:

    I despise any of these cheesy take over your system software that come on portable drives and keys.

  8. DT Says:

    Why, Gary? Remember that you dont have to install or use such software.

  9. lukasz @ fotografia ślubna Katowice Says:

    Love my sandisc but use often Transcend JetFlash

  10. Beakon @ iphone application Says:

    jet flash application looks very useful. For the IT pro, it would come in very handy if it was an iphone application as well.

  11. maba @ fotograf ślubny Says:

    yep.. i just love this Transcend!

  12. sean @ hd recovery Says:

    Flash memory was always interesting to me. I love the idea of massive amounts of storage being so portable. The jet flash app looks likes something I will explore.
    .-= hd recovery´s last blog post ..An efficient recovery tool =-.

  13. Chris @ Computer Repair Boca Says:

    Be careful with the transcend flash drives, I have had reports of multiple failures from clients of mine.

  14. DT Says:

    Chris, can you specify these failures?

  15. John @ J Eco log Says:

    Love the look of the jet fash application.Would be very interested if it became compatible with the iphone

  16. Computer Dude Says:

    The online recovery tool is so impressive! Can’t wait to try out this cool feature myself, but I’m quite anxious of the multiple failures mentioned. What are they?
    .-= Computer Dude´s last blog post ..HP LCD 17 Monitor =-.

  17. Neor Says:

    Hi i have purchased a v30 16 Gb pen gets recognized but when ever i copy any data on to the pen drive and once i unplug and replug the pen drive, the data stored on it doesn’t show up…i have important data on the pen drive….tried changing teh drive letter as well…issue persists..please help…

    Thanks in advance.

  18. DT Says:

    sorry to hear about your problem. Have you tried plugging it into a different port or computer? To get help, your best bet would be to consult Transcend customer support (note that they also have a forum there) or a tech forum like TechSpot. In the meantime I wouldn’t copy any more data on to that flash drive. Good luck!

  19. Admin @ Phone driver downloads Says:

    Transcend works like a champ , I love its trouble-free operations , i am using it for 5 years now
    .-= Phone driver downloads´s last blog post ..Videocon Mobile V7500-V1750- V2950- V1675- V1405 PC Suite download- videocon mobile USB Drivers download =-.

  20. Aqueel Says:

    our jet flash v60 {64gb}
    the problem is that our usb did not store the data after copying and past the folder is empty

  21. DT Says:

    this could be a formatting error or maybe you simply have a defect product. Please get in touch with Transcends customer support. You can find the link in my comment above (#18). Good luck!

  22. Jason @ SEO Boca Raton Says:

    My transcend drive just failed – lost tons of information on there, any way to recover it?


  23. DT Says:

    are you sure the data is lost? Did you get any error messages? Like “USB device not recognized”? There are many possible causes and solutions to this and Im going to put up a post about this soon. In short, try to assign or change the drive letter. Also try to check it on other computers and ports too. You can also attempt to reformat it but then you will lose your data for sure.

  24. dunpeel Says:

    i have a transcend jetflash elite 4GB, the problem is, when i’m copying a large file or folders with a size of 2-3GB, at first it seems normal, the copying process completes, safely remove works fine but when you insert it again and check the files these weird things happen, some folders are empty, file names have changed to symbols and a syntax failure on the drive making a real mess on the files.. can anyone help me with this?

  25. DT Says:

    this sounds like a formatting issue. Especially since youre dealing with large files. NFTS is better for this than the common FAT32. So you should format your jetflash with this file system. Check out these search results, including guides how to format. Good luck!

  26. Tom Says:

    What about for Mac.. do they have it?
    I had use the Transcend Elite V.3.0 it is much easier than 2.0 but after i backup my data from 1st computer, i sometime have to update data in the thumbdrive while i use another computer. When i restore data back to the 1st computer, V. 3.0 do not have the option that able to delete the files that do not match in the thumbdrive not as V.2.0 which give more flexible to choose between keep or deleting them. So i have to delete it on my own and that wasting time.

  27. DT Says:

    from what I understand the JetFlash elite software is only suitable for Windows. However, the flash drives themselves are supposed to be compatible with Macs.

  28. Al K Says:

    Downloaded and unzipped JetFlashLite OK, but after a successful install, clicking on icon does nothing. Same with “Open” in the drop down box.

    Using Windows XP with SP3.

  29. DT Says:

    try the customer support link I posted at comment 18.

  30. James @ Says:

    I’ve several Flash drives that come with a suite of applications on it. I have not found one I really like yet. The applications always seem clunky and do not offer much. I’ve never tried JetFlash so I guess I cannot comment on this particular one.

  31. Ramesh Narayan Says:

    I’ve 8 Gb device, i took the backup using Elite and while restore i received restoration Status : Falied. Is there any way to retrive the files.

  32. DT Says:

    Ramesh, maybe you can try it out on another computer (different OS)? Also, you may want to consider contacting Transcend customer support. You can find the link in my comment no 18.

  33. Rick @ Says:

    Using Transcend JetFlashs fo Yars. Works perfeckt !!!

  34. Mengheng Says:

    now i have problem with my jetflash because it has broken (transcend jetflash 700 16GB usb 3.0) and i need buy the new but the same categories so that what can i do it. i live in Cambodia in Phnom Penh.

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