Just The Beginning

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It’s been two months now that I started this blog and boy, has it been a ride already. I had no idea that the world of memory sticks would be that vast and entertaining. As a matter of fact, everytime I load my front page Magic Memory and scan over the listings I’m amazed to see yet another flash drive type new to me. It never ends!

Shocked And Overwhelmed Computer User

When the Internet overwhelms you…

So I find myself saying “Oh man, does that mean I have to post another category and article again?” Well, not necessarily. To prove my point, I just went on there and the very first listing surprised me with the picture of a naked african-american woman. Yes, it was for a flash drive but what the image had to do with it I have no idea! As you’re probably curious now I will link to the store here but I can’t guarantee that it’s still around while you’re reading this. Who knows, maybe it’s showing on the front page again though I don’t hope so. Because I’m really not sure if this entices readers to stay in or stay out…what’cha say?

Anyway, while at first running a blog like this seems to get over your head – especially in the beginning – it also pushes you to keep on. After all, isn’t learning and growth what makes life worthwhile? And it’s not like these new discoveries are boring and lame…I mean, see above! It actually proves to me that I picked the right subject for my site. Why? Because I always rant about how people need to be open minded and constantly expand their consciousness in order to be in harmony with an infinite universe. It assures positive evolution on a personal level as well as a society. And why not through a picture of someone naked? I certainly could think of worse things.

So, how fitting and ironic that I find myself writing this blog to ensure I follow my own philosophy. That was not what I had originally intended to do but I guess that’s jut the great way life works. And don’t get me wrong – while my first and foremost goal was to create an ebay affiliate blog, I never wanted to do it “thinly” and only for the commissions I might get. After all it’s supposed to be a blog! And with that comes the expression of passion and an outlet for creativity. I guess I’m just overwhelmed at the amount of work that has sprung up from it all. But then again, challenges are what keeps us afloat. Aren’t they?

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2 Responses to “Just The Beginning”

  1. A997 Says:

    What an awesome website. I just spent the last 4 hours on it. I can’t believe I didn’t come across this years ago. I am so happy for find out that there is a USB drive smaller then the Pico C.

    How long has this site been up for?

    MAJOR props.

  2. DT Says:

    Thank you for the compliments, A997! You couldn’t have come across this site years ago because it didn’t exist yet – at least not in this shape. This way it has been around for only more than a year now…

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