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Welcome to DT’s flash drive blog. I always wanted to do a web log and what better subject than USB memory sticks? It’s like a magical universe on its own and I love to explore it – together with you! So always feel free to chip in and provide commentary.

Delving into that universe, what’s so great about USB flash drives? Well, if you want to store or transfer data there’s no doubt that memory sticks come in very handy. You can use them with any computer that has a USB port. Like home PCs, laptops, palm computers or playstations. Or you can plug them into iPods and mp3 players. Actually, most of these are flash drives on their own and often use memory cards. Latter are also utilized by digital cameras, both photo and video.

But let us consider the terminology for a minute. Did you know that memory sticks are also called pen drives, thumb drives, USB drives, USB disks, flash pens, USB pens, USB keys, flash memory devices and if you know any more please post a comment. Or better yet, submit your own creations! My favorite term is probably USB storage devices. I know I know, it’s lengthy and uncatchy but I like that it’s summarizing to the point. Either way, nobody needs to get confused. Basically, they all mean the same stuff: That what you can see in the header of this blog!

Looking at that image, you get the idea that there are many different shapes and “sizes” to choose from. The most common are probably 16GB flash drives so people can handle all kinds of data, including (PSP) games, full time movies or image collections. From what I know the “biggest” currently on the market have a capacity of 128GB. It’s pretty funny when you consider that 7 years ago the cream of the crop was a staggering 64MB…:lol:

So what’s the best place to get them? Personally I like ebay since you can find almost all types of memory sticks there, including the funny ones! And if you want to add an accessory such as a USB lanyard you can easily do it. So feel free to check out the ebay listings on my site as well as the amazon links I provide you with.

Ok, what else can be said? Well, I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that you can have so many GBs for so little space and money. And that this is not the only advantage if you want to compare flash drives with regular hard disks. I guess you can call it the magic of USB memory. Better stick with it! :wink:

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  1. webkatalog Says:

    Good informations, keep up the good work.

  2. crazy funny videos Says:

    Super site! I am loving it! Will surely come back again – taking your feeds also, Thanks.

  3. Mohamad Says:

    Very informative, keep up!

  4. blinkky Says:

    I like the way you write. Keep it =)

  5. ied jammer Says:

    This is a great site, I’ll be checking back later

  6. Eugene T Says:

    Very nice.:) By the way those Custom Shaped USB Drives are perfect for promotions.

  7. Hunter@ Usb Watches Says:

    I love these Pen flash drives. Very useful, killing two birds with one stone. Love it, great blog!

  8. fourfish Says:

    also (originally) called jump drives.

  9. DT Says:

    Thanks fourfish, so that explains the naming of the Lexar JumpDrive.

  10. jenny @ consumer electronics Says:

    There are so many USBs in the market and they can hold a big amount of data. These are very useful and from their name, portable.

  11. Gerry @ small laptop computers Says:

    Interesting site and a good one stop shop for these drives. Maybe you can do some research and put the question of how effective they are for USB Ready Boost under Vista and Windows 7. I use them for the Ready Boost function and have mixed feelings on their effectiveness for that task. I use a 8GB “stick” for Ready Boost.

  12. DT Says:

    Hi Gerry,
    I think you’re not the only one who has mixed feelings or experiences regarding ReadyBoost. It does provide additional memory but I guess it doesnt always go smooth. I happily use Windows XP still so I cant say much from a personal view.

  13. Maria Says:

    I want to buy these amazing USB flash drives so badly, Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Sam @ Learning Centre Says:

    awww…those are so cute! :)

  15. John Says:

    They make 128gb flash drives? That’s crazy… When are the 1TB ones coming out?

  16. Steve @ Bedroom Furniture Says:

    That bracelet one is really cool! How do you find all these crazy drives, DT?

  17. Sebastian Says:


    I want to use a USB-drive to store my pictures. Not permanently, but only the current ones that still may need editing and post-processing in Photoshop. What kind of drive would you recommend for that purpose? I need to be 32GB and, I guess, rather fast. But HOW fast?

  18. DT Says:

    Steve, by scouring the web and being crazy myself.

  19. DT Says:

    Sebastian, any flash drive will do fine with photos. Just take a look at my 32GB category under capacities and you should be able to find a good, fast USB stick. Probably the Corsairs have the highest transfer rate and are pretty sturdy too.

  20. lou @ airbeds promo code Says:

    A USB memory stick is very important for me as a student. The bigger the memory, the better. I always carry it around because it contains my reports, notes, and scientific journals. The best part of this is that it is very easy to carry along.

  21. Martin Says:

    Random comment (I know) but the USB of your avatar DT.. is simply fr**king funny.

  22. Walter Says:

    @ Lou

    Both professionals and students need to have their own USB with them all the time. In this way, they could easily copy, delete or store their files from one pc to another.

  23. Kate Says:

    I’m fond of collecting USB. I hope I could increase my collection soon cause now, I can buy USB in a much cheaper prices compared before.

  24. MissSapphire Says:

    I love your blog and I think you have some awesome ideas! Keep it up, you are doing a great job!

  25. Hans @ Rasenmäher Roboter Says:

    Flash Drives are just great. I think there should be more laptop available with SDD Harddrives.

  26. admin @ gold wedding rings Says:

    The memory sticks was really one of the best inventions ever , i think in time it will replace all hdd , or at least hdd will be taken to that small size.

  27. Betty Says:

    Im a newby to all this. My 8200 Dell Laptop doesn’t want to recognize the Centon Bolt Data Stick USB Flash Drive. Also what’s with the “nudity” of the copper strips on this usb?….

  28. DT Says:

    that “nudity” is an integrated USB interface, also called COB (Chip-On-Board). Im sorry to hear about your trouble with the Centon Bolt and Dell Laptop. Depending on what operating system you use, you may have to reformat the USB drive (as NTFS vs FAT). If that doesnt work its best if you contact either Dell or Centon support. Good luck!

  29. Admin @ Cash Loan Says:

    Thanks for presenting a useful site. Actually, a USB memory stick is very essential for most of the people.

  30. Zubin @ Payday Loans Says:

    Fantastic information.It was very informative stuff for today’s world. The bracelet one is really very nice USB drive.

  31. maya Says:

    Now USB sticks are really cheap an usefull. I save most of my data on a usb stick, so I have it present at all time.

  32. abner @ Get cash advance loans today Says:

    I read your blog post and i found that all the USB flash drives are really very stylish. I like them all. I haven’t heard about 128GB flash drive yet.

  33. Matt Says:

    Hii!!! Great this Blog!!! Congratulations!! I recently learned that Kingston released one with a storage capacity of 354Gb. There are some equipped with fingerprint readers. Amazing, isn´t it?

  34. DT Says:

    Hi Matt,
    do you have a source for this 354GB drive? Kingston’s official site doesnt list one and its highly doubtful that there is such a capacity in general. The next logical storage after 256GB would be 512GB.

  35. admin @ Says:

    this is a great website btw. I have done some research and the general concensus out there is 256gb is the biggest, with 512gb coming next. would love to know where you seen the 354gb aswell?

  36. DT Says:

    Personally I havent seen 354gb. Have you? I dont think such a memory is actually possible.

  37. zammer Says:

    Re: 256gb usb flash drive. Yes it really does exists- originals made by Kingston #DT-310. I have a fake. They do hold, so far in my case, 186gb in memory (that is as much as I have put on mine so far). I can access it all, view photos, watch movies I’ve downloaded onto it- no speed degredation. I bought a fake DT-310 for $19.67cdn from china. You can by the legit Kingston DT-310 from (.ca) for approx $940 new. I kid you not. No experience with the chinese made fake Sony 512gb, but aim to order one (just $5 more, includes shipping).

  38. madmax @ Says:

    If you shopping for usb flashdrives, you should always ask the supplier if they use new grade ‘A’ memory, as many sellers use grade B, or even second hand memory and that why the cheaper type of usb stick will fail.

  39. Admin @ Says:

    I don’t think it is a big difference. You can just buy any stick. Maybe USB 3.0 if it is necessary to make it fast.

  40. julie Says:

    there are wide variety of pendrives even with 128 GB capacity and can be used for different purposes. just check it out.

  41. Praveen Says:

    Your Information is good about pen drive. Thank you for sharing this information.

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