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Even though doesn’t exist anymore (now part of TikTok) we still have music.allies to rely on.

What do I mean?

I mean flash drives that come in musical shapes!

And other USB devices that aid you in the realm of music.

So let’s start with the basics.

A note carrying notes!

Musical Note Memory Sticks

A note for a node: Musical Note Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

The notes would probably be in the form of text files but nothing stops you from storing or transferring actual music too. :D
This can be done up to 64GB and with a tempo of 480 Mbps max.
The beat is up to you..

Of course one could also use a classic MP3 player or iPod for that.

They often come with a USB connector or MicroSD Card and there’s still quite a variety out there – in spite of cell phones.

MP3 Players

Music Carrier : MP3 Players (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

I don’t know about you guys, but I still have mine and prefer using it for listening to music when being outside.
To me MP3 players are just handier and more charming than mobile phones.
But most importanty, the sound quality is a lot better!
Which makes sense of course – because they’re dedidcatd to music.
Indeed, they have a better Digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and also their amplifiers are more powerful!

Some of them have more storage too (dedicated only to music), especially the iPods.

iPods Generations

Music Carrying the Apple Way: iPods (5th-7th Generation) (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Do you make music yourself?

Are you a singer?

If so, you may want to consider storing your impressive vocal talent on a micropone flash drive!

Microphone Memory Stick

Speaks to You: Microphone Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Of course you can’t record on there.

That you could with an actual USB microphone.

But you can easily carry it around and pop it into the laptop of the talent agent or record label owner you just met at the bar.

They can then listen to it immediately and sign you right on the spot.

Yay, a new star is born!

If you’re not a singer however, don’t fret.

Bassists and guitarists have their own flash drives too!

Guitar Memory Sticks

Data Distortion: Guitar Flash Drives (@ black logo ) or (black3)

You may actually recall that I blogged about guitar flash drives before.

But even if you don’t play bass, guitar or sing there may still be something in the USB port for you.

How about a keyboard or piano?

Keyboard Memory Stick & Piano USB

Plug & Play it again, Sam: Piano Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Or violin flash drive?

Violin Memory Stick

Stringed Storage: Violin Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Or Saxophone?

Saxophone Memory Stick

Saxy Storage: Saxophone Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Or accordion?

Accordion Memory Sticks

8 – 64GB, Accordingly: Accordion Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

Or maybe Cello?

Cello Memory Stick

Bowed Bytes: Cello Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

As you can see, as a band you’re pretty much covered.

Even if you’re not a cover band.

The only instrument that I couldn’t find as flash drives are drums and percussions. Weird??

I guess you can always bang on the laptop or PC, especially if things aren’t going smoothly…

But you know, it’s not like you have to be in a band.

You can also be just a fan.

So say, say, say hello to…

Michael Jackson Memory Stick

For a Smoot Terminal: Michael Jackson Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

…Michael Jackson flash drives!

And for the other half…

Beatles flash drives!

Beatles Memory Stick

Pep(per) up your Port: Beatles Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

And if you like it rockier…

KISS flash drives!

KISS Memory Sticks

Store It Out Loud: KISS Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Btw, I’ve always been a music lover and musician myself.

I started to play keyboard/synthesizer when I was a teenager and always recorded stuff too.

I didn’t really go professional however until a few years ago, including making sample packs for digital audio production.

I’ve released two 80s sound libraries which you can find on ebay too. :)

Both stem from the famous Fairlight CMI (II & III) so check them out!


Fairlight CMI Samples

Fairlight CMI Samples (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

Of course, you could always get a real Fairlight too.

Currently, there’s one for sale that was used by the Pet Shop Boys & Bee Gees.

It’s only 50,000 bucks, you know…


Fairlight CMI IIx

Well, with all these musical storage aids one thing’s for sure:

The Bandwidth plays on!

…on eBay right now:
[wordbay]usb +(music,guitar,violin,cello,clef,saxophone,microphone,drums,piano,note)[/wordbay]

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