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PQI offers three applications for their flash drives which are all downloadable from the official website, including manuals. On some models the set-up file can be found pre-loaded so only a double click is required for installation. Here’s an overview of the software.


If problems hit your PQI flash drive Dr.UFD can help fix it, especially in case of bad block errors. If all fails, Dr.UFD can reset the drive to its original state.

PQI Dr.UFD Screenshot

- Firmware Upgrade
- Maintenance: Quick Fix Restore


Ur-Smart offers security and a portable environment for your personal files without leaving a trace on the host computer.

PQI Ur-Smart Screenshot

- Password protection
- Encryption
- Portable email
- Portable docs
- Portable web accounts
- My Browser (your favorites)
- Instant Messenging
- File compression
- PC Lock
(Block access to your computer when away)
- Software search
- Synchronization (Microsoft Outlook)
- Capacity indicator
- Image display
- Skin change

Norton Internet Security

PQI offers the latest version of Norton Internet Security for a free 60-day trial. That way when you surf the internet you are protected from viruses, worms, Trojans and hackers. This is especially useful if you run the Ur-Smart application with its browser, email and IM functions.

PQI flash drives:

PQI Intelligent Stick i161 – i270

PQI Intelligent Drive i810 – i830

PQI Traveling Disk U172 – U273

PQI Cool Drive U310 – U360

PQI Card Drive U510 – i512

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  1. r4 Says:

    HI there.
    Really cool security software it will protect my pc from internet viruses and spy thanks for sharing it..

  2. nelle @ laptop deals Says:

    I’m a big fan of PQI. I’m glad to know that there’s a software to upgrade the disks. It’ll help solve a lot of security issues and stuff.
    .-= laptop deals´s last blog post ..Save big on Dell monitors =-.

  3. letjeantje @ larp64 Says:

    Seems like a versatile security solution indeed. Especially the email protection is nice. I will give it a try too.

  4. stacie @ Computer Repair London Says:

    I like the sound of this, especially the fact that you can make it password protected. I have some files on my computer that I’d rather put aside because they’re too important to be left hanging around on my desktop.

  5. Etcha @ ReputationDefender promo code Says:

    This is really cool. The fact that one can fix or reset his flash drive online is very impressive of PQI. Up for their flash drives!
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  6. P Says:



  7. DT Says:

    Why didnt you just follow the “downloadable” link at the very top of my blog post? It takes you to the official PQI download page. All you have to do then is to choose the product (Ur-Smart) from their drop-down menus.

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