Tiny but Mighty

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When I posted about the Pico a few weeks ago I was left wondering if it was the smallest flash drive in the world. Well, this week I received a resounding ‘no’ answer thanks to the arrival of EagleTecs nano stick. Truly amazing!

Black Nano Memory Stick plugged in and without Cap

It’s a small world: EagleTecs Nano Flash Drive (@ black logo)

or (black3)

First of all, it almost looks like the drive only consist of the USB connector. And when its plugged in one could think there’s nothing at all. Because with a weight of ca. 2.5g and a mindboggling size of 19.4mm x 15.4mm x 6mm this memory stick truly operates on a small scale. But efficient too! A writing speed of 6MB/sec as well as a reading rate of 15MB/sec are testament to that. As for capacity, EagleTecs flash drive is available in 4 or 8GB.

EagleTec Memory Stick beside a Quarter Dollar

The world’s smallest flash drive is shorter than a quarter

I’m really wondering how there can be enough space for the memory chip and microcontroller unless there’s some new technology involved. But the real question is: How does one ensure not to lose such a tiny gadget? Well, simply by leaving it in the laptop/ PC or attaching it to a strap or keychain like you would do with any other flash drive. Although some people are known to lose those too, not to mention the cap. Another option may be to carry it in your wallet like the Slim Data USB Card. Unless of course…

Anyway, let’s just hope all these mini sticks don’t mean the end of funny flash drive shapes and sleek USB designs. I doubt it though!

…on eBay right now:
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11 Responses to “Tiny but Mighty”

  1. Michael Mankins Says:

    Can I buy a quantity of nano sticks, at what price?

  2. DT Says:

    Hello Michael,
    sure you can. Just follow the links to the listings and you can set the quantity you like to order. Most sellers probably have a limited amount in stock but the good thing with places like amazon or ebay is that you can easily hop to the next seller. :) If you’re looking for wholesale lots, feel free to check my page on Bulk Flash Drives.

  3. stacie @ storage birmingham Says:

    These are so so cute! But I have to say, I’d lose it. I’m weird in the sense that I don’t like extra things plugged into my laptop and this flash drive would get lost so easily, it’s too small for me.

  4. Francois Says:

    I like to collect different USB designs. Imagine the creative minds of these USB producers. It’s a very nice collection, pretty cool!

  5. Shady Says:

    Are these waterproof like the Talent Pico drives?
    Tiny is good, but the Pico-C wins as I do not have to worry about caps being lost, or bits breaking off…the USB is all there is! :-)

  6. DT Says:

    Hi Shady,
    I don’t think they are waterproof, otherwise they would probably mention that in the specs. If you’re concerned about water resistance then yes, the Pico would be a better choice. :)

  7. Jackie Says:

    This can be very handy to all pc and laptop users. But is there something in the side where we could actually place a string or somehow a holder? Most usb drives having that feature do have this size.

  8. DT Says:

    yes it does. If you look closely at the pictures you can see a small hole in top right corner of the end tip. There you can attach a small strap or lanyard. :)

  9. Paul @ business telephone systems Says:

    Amazing, I think there is a chance of losing it but I suppose it’s only the size of one of those USB Bluetooth adapters. They should build them into a button or something.

  10. chipao @ www.elegente.com Says:

    Oh,so beautiful.many kind of USB .I like it

  11. Jim Bulak Says:


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