Star Wars: The Storage Wakens

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With all these new Star Wars Movies out (such as the Trilogy continuing after Episode VI)
it is time to explore the vast space of Star Wars flash drives.
So in a computer not so far away, may the force get stronger…

First we have the Stormtrooper flash drive.

Stormtrooper Memory Sticks

Stick of the Clones: Stormtrooper Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

Marching with high speed they bulk up to 32GB under their armor.
They also come as shock, snow and clone troopers -
and If you’re lucky you’ll even find the oddball black stormtrooper.
Or is that space ball? After all, they piloted the TIE fighters.

What if we unmask the Stormtroopers?

Unmasked Stormtroopers Flash Drives

Lurk Skywalker & Hide Solo: Unmasked Stormtrooper Flash Drives (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

Lo and behold, there may be Han Solo or Luke Skywalker underneath!

But let’s change to their normal apparel.

Luke Skywalker Memory Sticks with lid on & off

Jedi Powered: Luke Skywalker Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Well, more or less. Whether he’s in his Hoth, black Jedi or pilot outfit -
the Luke Skywalker flash drive can move your data in the blink of an eye.

And so can Han!

Han Solo Memory Stick with lid on & off

Smuggling Files: Han Solo Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Unless he’s stuck in that really cool carbonite case.

Maybe Leia can get him out.

Princess Leia Memory Sticks with lid on & off

Runs on Buns: Princess Leia Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Yep, there’s even a Princess Leia flash drive disguised as bounty hunter Boushh.
I’d rather go for that skimpy bikini outfit though -
after all, most drives need a slave, right?

Only one thing missing for this gang. Yep, here it is,

Millenium Falcon Memory Stick

gh: Millenium Falcon Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Cruising with lightning speed, the Millenium Falcon flash drive has room for 16GB. It is Lucasfilm approved and made out of of pewter, a high qualty alloy of tin, copper and antimony.

Wait….is that a moon?

Death Star Memory Stick

Still a Space Station: Death Star Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

No, it’s a flash drive, you dummy! It’s just in the shape of the Death Star.
You know what the Death Star is, don’t you?

He lives in it and he’s your master.

Darth Vader Memory Sticks with lid on & off

Disturbance in the Port: Darth Vader Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Breathing up to 64GB the Darth Vader flash drive comes in rubber, plastic,
as a Mimobot or even a Plushie. Now that’s dark!

And what if we unmask him?

Darth Vader Anakin Skywalker Memory Sticks

Data, I’m your Father: Anakin Skywalker Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

Pretty gruesome too, huh?

Speaking of gruesome…
Darth Maul wants in (on it) too.

Darth Maul Memory Stick with lid on & off

No Phantom Space: Darth Maul Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

Also in rubber or plastic and hauling up to 32GB
the Darth Maul flash drive definitely holds some force in its own right.

But surely he’s no match for this guy.

Yoda Memory Sticks with lid on & off

Backup your Computer wisely you must: Yoda Flash Drive(@ logox21 ) or (white logo2)

To teleport all your data the Yoda flash drive manifests in many forms.
Contemplating up to 64GB the memory with these ones are strong.

Not as smart but definitely hairier is the Chewbacca flash drive.

Chewbacca Memory Sticks with lid on & off

Wookie Docking : Chewbacca Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

There’s even a limited edition where Chewbacca carries C3-PO on his back.

Equally hairy but even less smart should be the Wampa flash drive.

Wampa Memory Sticks with lid on & off

Data Blocks of Ice : Wampa Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

But who cares as long as he can crunch the bytes, right?

By the way, the Mimobot drives include charcacter specific wallpapers, icons, screensavers and sounds. Pretty cool I say.

For more Star Wars flash drives stay tuned for Episode II !

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