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What is U3 technology and what sets U3 flash drives apart from the rest?

In simple terms, its because their extra feature allows to run software and personal settings independent of the host computer. Previously, a USB drive was limited to store and transport files. But with U3 technology the same can be done with games and applications now. All under password protection and without leaving a trace! The only thing you do depend on is that the host computer runs Windows since U3 is only compatible with Microsoft’s operating system (from Windows 2000 SP4 upward).

Flash drives equipped with this functonality are called U3 smart drives. Once they’re plugged into a computer, the U3 launchpad starts and enables the user to run pre-installed software as well as download compliant applications.

U3 Launchpad showing U3 Technology

U3 Technology explained with the U3 Launchpad

The scope of U3 software is quite impressive. You can browse the internet with Firefox and take care of your emails with Outlook or Thunderbird. You can chat with your friends via Skype and send files via YouSendIt (up to 2GB). You can also run anti-virus programs like McAfee or Avast. Or you can use RoboForm to automatically fill out forms with your pre-stored information. Back-ups and photo editing are possible too.

But best of all, there’s a wide variety of U3 games you can play, including Big Fish Games. There’s puzzles like Sudoku or The Rise Of Atlantis, action via Fizzball or Monkey Business and various forms of Mahjong. Also board, card and word games.

Here are detailed lists of U3 software:

- U3 Software Central

- U3 Big Fish Games

Companies that are marketing U3 smart drives are Memorex, Verbatim and Toshiba. The biggest distributor is SanDisk as almost all of their Cruzer flash drives feature U3 technology. But that’s no surprise as they co-invented it, together with M-Systems.

Four U3 Flash Drives: Memorex TravelDrive, SanDisk Slide, Verbatim Store 'n' Go, Toshiba Ginga

Flash Drives enhanced with Software: U3 Smart Drives (@ black logo)

or (black3)

Since most of these flash drives are pretty cool by themselves it’s also possible to remove the U3 and use them as regular storage devices. This may actually be a vital option in case your system has problems handling the extra functionality. Luckily it’s easy to remove as the uninstall utility is included.

Let’s conclude with an interesting question. What gives U3 technology its odd name? According to the inventors, it represents three “you” statements. “Simplified for You”, “Smarter about You” and “As mobile as You”.

For more information feel free to check the U3 website.

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  1. scmnav @ computer maintenance Says:

    U3 looks promising! This serves as the vital missing link with USB drives all these years. Wonder when U3s will hit the market!
    .-= computer maintenance´s last [blog post] ..Update Device Drivers =-.

  2. Felix @ Mobilt Bredbånd Says:

    This is excellent information. I have been looking for such things a long time. I guess I could install an antivirus program to run on machines when I drive around fixing them, right?!
    - Ray J.

  3. DT Says:

    Felix, sure. If you click on the software central link you can see that there is antivirus as well as antispyware offered.

  4. Felix @ Mobilt Bredbånd Says:

    Cool DT. Thanks a lot. I will certainly check it out.

  5. aaron @ omnia review Says:

    I cant believe that the U3 is bidding off at such a low price! pretty amazing! am i too late to bid now? because I know ill never get it at this price ever!

  6. DT Says:

    Im not sure what auction caught your eye but usually Ebay listings have a re-occurring nature, high or low prices. ;-) If you cant bid now, just keep checking back.

  7. Steve @ Bedroom Furniture Says:

    I love the smart techy looking ones, 8GB would be just right for me! thanks DT ;-)

  8. Sam @ Auctions Says:

    This is a great gadget. Instead of buying software CDs now I can just buy one of these babies and use it as a storage device after I no longer need the software. Sweet :)

  9. Lynne @ Computer Repair Franchise Says:

    What a brilliant idea the U3 flash drives are. This would be a great pressie for my son who spends every waking moment on his laptop. After college anyway!

  10. stacie @ it support birmingham Says:

    I like the way you can remove the U3 and use the flash drives as regular storage drives. Love the sound of the U3 games too!

  11. lou @ airbeds promo code Says:

    Wow! U3 is indeed better than an ordinary USB. One of my major concern with USB is that I have certain files that run on specific programs; but with U3, i don’t have to worry about this anymore. I have the software with me, wherever I go.

  12. admin @ wmv converter Says:

    Thank you for sharing,this is excellent information,I can just buy one of these babies and use it as a storage device after I no longer need the software

  13. JR @ franchise info Says:

    It’s interesting how they just keep getting smaller and smaller.. I can’t wait for the terabyte thumbdrive. My only question is what the hell would you store on it?
    .-= JR @ franchise info´s last blog post ..- =-.

  14. DT Says:

    A Terabyte? Hmm, let’s see…the history of the world? No, that would be Terra-byte.

  15. tc @ computer furniture Says:

    These look decent…I’m waiting for them to get up to a terrabyte! :)

  16. Alan @ LED Light Bulbs Says:

    Yeah, a terabyte flash drive would really come in handy alright! i’m sure we’ll see it coming sometime soon!

  17. TRXLink @ eprocurement Says:

    I bought an expensive passport drive as I was concerned about the durability; and guess what? It got dropped off my hand only after 15 days and its media got corrupted :( Wish I saw this post earlier and bought a 16 GB U3.

  18. wayne @ online remote backup Says:

    I miss my 4GB usb that was borrowed from me and was not yet return until now. I wanted to have a 16Gig usb so I can store lots of thing on it :D

  19. anthony @ hayfever relief Says:

    If you already have access to windows, just download the U3 removal tool from U3… http://www.u3.com/uninstall/. It removes the software and repartitions the flash drive. The only annoyance is the web page telling you what a horrible thing you are doing by removing the software that you are sure to need. ;)

  20. Abel @ Domene Webhotell Says:

    How big is the latest USB memory sticks now? I have seen 32 GB, but are there any bigger? I need one :-)

  21. DT Says:

    sure there are. Check out my posts on 64GB, 128GB and 256GB flash drives. Im sure these will fulfill your needs? ;-)

  22. BD @ trykksaker Says:

    Wow. Are there really 256 GB flash drives on the market now?!!! I am blown away.. I think I’ll wait till there are 1 TB driver before I buy one..Lol:-)

  23. mj Says:

    i dont know how this flash warking it. name,s sandisk cruzer (2GB)

  24. DT Says:

    what exactly is the problem? Your best bet would be to consult SanDisk customer support or a tech forum like TechSpot. Good luck!

  25. Bubba William Says:

    I can’t go anywhere without my U3 64Gigger!
    .-= Bubba William´s last blog post ..Youda Safari =-.

  26. Cody Says:

    This is a great gadget. It removes the software and repartitions the flash drive. The only annoyance is the web page telling you what a horrible thing you are doing by removing the software that you are sure to need. Thank was great.

  27. Richard @ http://www.intacore.com Says:

    Looks like a great gadget… We will be suggesting to our clients.

  28. Alejandro Rule Says:

    I lost all my games from my usb sandisk (atlantis , Magic Vines and Mystery case Files.

    What can I do ??

    Thanks in Advance

  29. DT Says:

    How did you lose them??

  30. peter coker Says:

    Hi,please confirm to me if this item USB Flash Drive 4GB is available in stock and the price ? i Looking forward to hearing from you soonest..thank you

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