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Did you know that you can turn your USB into a BBQ? You only need the following ingredients.

1) A bacon flash drive.

Two juicy looking Bacon Memory Sticks

Barbequed Port: Bacon Flash Drives (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

With a fat content of 2 – 8GB these bacon sticks have a great ability to get to the meat of files. That’s especially useful when you’re computer is hogged down. Unfortunately the flavor is a little rubbery but maybe that’s just telling porkies…

2) A chicken flash drive.

Chicken Wing Memory Stick with and without lid off

Files on the fly: Chicken Wing Flash Drives (@ black logo)

or (black3)

Next time you’re having a data crisis just wing it with these usby chicken. Or maybe you’d rather like a drumstick?

Chicken Drumstick Memory Sticks

Chicken Drumstick Flash Drives (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

Believe it or not, you can actually put chicken memory sticks in your pocket and not cause any grease stains. Or have it drip down your pants.

And the last ingredient is…

3) A corn flash drive!

Corn Memory Sticks with and without lid

Biofuel your system: Corn Cob Flash Drives (@ white logo2)

or (@ logox21)

Yep. What would be a barbecue without this? Modified at 1GB this corn on a stick makes for a nice, obligatory side item. Along with bacon and chicken flash drives there can be no more doubt now that you will be successful in sifting through your data maze. Of course you’re allowed to enhance your barbeque stick-out even further…like with hamburger flash drives or french fries memory sticks.

So what are you’re waiting for? Fire up that USB grill and chomp at the bit without having to lose patience.

…on eBay right now:
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9 Responses to “BBQ Port”

  1. Brad – Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help Says:

    Those are some pretty funny looking USB drives, would definitely give a laugh to any of its owners!

    Brad – Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help’s last blog post..The Mindless Following Mentality Of The Internet

  2. DT Says:

    And to anyone who just comes by. :)

  3. Linda K Smoker Says:

    Not only do they look delicious, but they are very funny… They would look hilarious sticking out of the laptop of someone in a very serious profession like a lawyer, gov’t worker etc… ha ha ha. It would be interesting to see what it does to credibility… I definitely like these and will browse through the selection…

  4. USB person Says:

    why is it all in american, for gods sake!
    You could at least show the english prices. i would buy more if the prices were in English!!!

  5. DT Says:

    Hello USB person,
    I wish you would use your name and leave an email address. Please dont leave comments all over the site, especially in caps. If you have concerns then one civilized comment is more than sufficient. Or contact me via the contact form.

    I apologize that you dont see the prices in pounds, but this site is predominantly American and its possible that the listings dont geotarget every IP address correctly. Also, please be aware that I dont sell or produce any of these flash drives – I’m just an affiliate.

  6. Rapx @ Esenyurt City Says:

    i like them lol

  7. Janine @ mobile phone radiation Says:

    I wonder if your pet will eat this up! LOL I like the bacon flash drive. It looks so real, just like a real meat that you can eat!

  8. Nathaniel @ web design Sydney Says:

    It looks more edible than the frozen bacon pack found in the market! I wonder how they were able to manufacture and to create this design.
    .-= Nathaniel@web design Sydney´s last blog post ..Were hiring! Get the best of both worlds =-.

  9. Jason @ wedding ring Says:

    I’m amazed how the manufacturer make this design. I just want to have this in my collection!

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