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Next time your computer gets overloaded and it turns into a banana problem, why don’t you use a banana flash drive to solve it? No more monkey business or slippery slopes…

Two Del Monte Banana Memory Sticks

No crooked Deal: Banana Flash Drives (@ black logo)

or (black3)

All you have to do is put the USB banana plug into the USB banana jack. Then simply let it peel the data off your system.

If you like more details, here is the computional value of a common banana flash drive:

Casium: Silicone or polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Bytamins: 1 – 8GB
Potentium (reading): 6Mbps

Potentium (writing): 5Mbps
Magnetium: None, works purely on flash memory. (Immune to magnetic fields)
Iron: USB 2.0
Sidesium: 88.8 x 18.8 x 18.2 mm
Poundorus: 25.3 g
Fibers: None, but works best with a fiber optic broadband connection.

Banana Memory Stick with lid off

As you can see it has health written all over it. So nothing should stop you from enjoying your banana bits, especially if you’re the fruity nerd.

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