Drink ‘n’ Drive

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After consuming Flash Drive Peppers and USB Pizzas you surely must be thirsty, right? So how about quenching it with some cola memory stick? You can choose your coke as a can…

Coke Flash Drive with USB interface out of Can

Coca Cola Can Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

or have your messages in a bottle.

4 Cola Bottle Memory Sticks, 2 revealing USB connector

Coca Cola Bottle Flash Drives (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

But maybe you don’t like your data to fizz out and instead brew it around? Then you should have a beer memory stick.

Green Heineken Beer Flash Drive with Neck detached to reveal USB connector

Heineken Beer Bottle Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

Unfortunately this is rather a warm one! If you want to add insult to injury you can have it stale too.

Real Beer inside a transparent Memory Stick with Budweiser logo

Real Budweiser Beer Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or (white logo2) or in Bulk (@promo)

I’m sorry if I grossed you out now. But maybe I can make it up with something more distinguished. So how about a good bottle of wine flash drive?

Wine Bottle Memory Sticks, in Red and Black

Wine Bottle Flash Drives (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

or in Bulk (@promo)

As you can see, there’s a USB drink for every thirst and need. If yours is small you can have your memory stick bottle filled with 1GB or if its great, with 8GB. One thing you have to consider though is that unlike real ones, these bottles either open at the bottom or at the top with the whole bottleneck. That way the USB interface is revealed and you can spill all your data without a worry.

However, if you don’t want to pass on the traditional lid you can simply add a cork stopper.

Wine Cork Stopper Memory Sticks

Wine Stopper Flash Drives (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

Or a bottle lid.

Green Bottle Cap Memory Stick, Heineken Beer

Bottle Cap Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

As these have a capacity of up to 16GB you can be assured that there will be no bottlenecks in your storage. But if too much pressure should build up and thus have a hard time removing the cap or cork you may have to add yet another memory stick.

The USB bottle opener!

Bottle Opener Memory Stick lifting a Beer Cap

Bottle Opener Flash Drive (@ black logo 2)

or (black logo)

Not only could you get a grip on that sticky USB cap but you could actually open a real bottle with it. So while you let your data flow into the port you can also pour one down your throat. And how convenient that you can save yourself the trip to the bar and still share a drink with your best bud. After all, that’s what your computer is, isn’t he? Chances are he knows all of your personality, from your facebook account to your credit card number. And he listens to all your joys and sorrows from your emails. Maybe he even knows some of your most intimate secrets. But does he ever get annoyed or judgemental? Does he ever argue with you? No, he just sits there patiently at your service, fulfilling all your needs. Now let’s drink to such a good friend!

…on eBay right now:
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26 Responses to “Drink ‘n’ Drive”

  1. aaron Says:


  2. Cookman @ Building Chicken Coops Says:

    Oh Man! I wish I had found these before christmas, everybody would have had one!It’s gotta be the bud one for me though, thanx man!

  3. Steve @ Building a Shed Says:

    Wine bottle flash drive! Cool I just found my wifes valentines present! (Although she’d probably prefer real wine hehe)
    .-= Building a Shed´s last [blog post] ..Give it Some Hammer! =-.

  4. Reynold @ Braking Systems Says:

    Lol..This is amazing, you guys come up with the best USB designs ever, I’m quite serious some of these stuff are really innovative! I would love to see more! maybe animals next??

  5. Jane @ Online Nursing Degrees Says:

    I gotta get one of those bud pen drives for my husband, he’s an it geek and he drinks too much bud, it’s the perfect present :-)

  6. Dave @ blog hatter review Says:

    Wow, these are awesome. How come I only ever get promotional sticks that just say “Buy Widgets Form Us” or something equally as banal?
    .-= Dave@blog hatter review´s last blog post ..Blog Hatter Review Killer Bonus! =-.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    this is s0 g00d i think this is a great thing lol :)

  8. James @ Garden Sheds Says:

    Haha, these are great! I thought I was cool in having a flash drive in a pen that had a laser pointer on the top, but these beat that, hands down!

  9. BD Live Players Says:

    Ha! What a great site! If they have “throwback” version of coca cola memory sticks that are made with real sugar then I might consider getting one. :)

  10. Billy @ cleaning services mississauaga Says:

    These are sick! Wonder if they will come out with an MGD memory stick….or a Southern Comfort stick. So many possibilities!!!!

    What they should do is make one thats big enough to hold one shot of booze along with a few gigs of data.
    .-= Billy @ cleaning services mississauaga´s last blog post ..Online Cleaning Quotes, Why Get Them? =-.

  11. Stacie @ Cheap Garden Sheds Says:

    I want I want I want! The coca cola can one is my favourite. I’m always looking for interesting ways of carrying data around, something that’s a little more more. Although, I am trying to give up the cola and this may not help…

  12. DT Says:

    Stacie, it may help if you see it as a step-down withdrawal program. ;-)

  13. Sarah Says:

    Can I fit a movie or two on a portable usb flash drive? How much space is needed?

  14. DT Says:

    sure you can. If its an avi file, which is usually 700MB big, a 1GB flash drive will do. If you’re looking for an actual DVD rip (.vob) you’re looking at ca. 4,5GB and thus an 8GB flash drive. Obviously, if you had a memory stick of 32GB or the highest currently on the market, 256GB, you can fit anywhere between 45 and 365 (!) avi movies.

  15. Mikkel Says:

    I espacially like the Heineken Usb pen:-) I guess you would want a cold beer every time you look at it:-)

  16. David Urrutia Says:

    Si quieres comprar la usb en Mexico D.F. visita la pagina de:

    Aquí venden gran variedad de usbs

  17. Jake @ NLP Says:

    That’s a real budwiser beer inside? But, what if you suddenly break it? It might be the cause of destroying your desktop or laptop! LOL

  18. William @ beer club Says:

    These are very cool. For sheer practicality you can’t go past the USB bottle opener but I’m also a fan of the bottle-cap and Heinken bottle USB.

  19. Coca-cola_lover)) Says:

    Oh! Theese flash drivers are great! I’d like to have one.

  20. Dom @ villas in tenerife south Says:

    These usb keys will make perfect prezzi’s for the office drinkers, and I might have to keep one for myself.

  21. Rejoice – the Budweiser Beer USB Flash Drive | Helablog Says:

    [...] These dark days are finally over – Rejoice the Budweiser Beer USB Flash drive. [...]

  22. Shehan Says:

    I have a 32GB Heineken bottle type USB flash drive. the design is good but it is not working properly.I couldn’t use it at least for a day…

  23. Gene Blanchet Says:

    I am hoping to acquire an 8 gig Budweiser Flash drive. Can you you help?
    Thank you,
    Gene Blanchet

  24. admin @ http://redlinecarpetcleaning.com Says:

    I need to know about a bulk order for Pepsi & Coke! These are nice!

  25. DT Says:

    If you cant find one on ebay or amazon, it’s probably hard to find a budweiser sticks elsewhere…

  26. DT Says:

    If you follow the links and add “bulk” into the search bar you should be able to find some good bulk offers.

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