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Does your system sometimes suffer from writer’s block? Especially when you’re trying to construct a new blog post? Then maybe it’s time you get support from these lego brick flash drives.

5 uncapped Brick Flash Drives face a capped Brick Memory Stick

Building Blocks: Brick Lego Flash Drives (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

Not because you bang them against your computer in the hope this will accomplish anything but because you lay them where they fit. The USB port! Cemented with 2 or 4GB you can marvel at how these memory stick bricks not only help to write but also make great reading blocks. And best of all, they’re not heavy to carry and can be easily transported with a keychain or strap.

Whether your name is Bob or otherwise, it isn’t hard to grasp that you can build a solid data empire with these flash drive bricks at hand. And a colorful one too! That’s right, you can arrange your USB blocks with a whole variety of paints such as green, white, blue, yellow, red, black, grey or pink. Even checkered!

Now if you’re concerned about safety while working with them there’s also a fix for that. Just use this flash drive helmet as a backup.

Orange Safety Helmet Memory Stick

Safety Helmet Flash Drive (@ black3)

or (@ black logo)

That way if any of your brick memory sticks ever break down you’re well protected with this hard hat. And besides, it makes for a nice complementary addition at your installation site.

So next time you find yourself one brick short of a full download just prop it up with these constructive flash drives. You may be able to work around the issue…

…on eBay right now:
[wordbay](brick,lego) +(usb,flash drive,hub,lacie,hard drive,ssd) -(car,battery,star,toy,spongebob,prince,enermax,wheels,wheel)[/wordbay]

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14 Responses to “Writer Blocks”

  1. Angelique Botes Says:

    I am interested in purchasing some of the Leog Block USB sticks or the Hard hat USB sticks, I would need our company logo to be displayed on it as well as the web address. Could you point me in the right direction of the supplier of these please

  2. DT Says:

    Hello Angelique,
    I’m sorry but I don’t know who the actual suppliers are. If you follow the amazon or ebay links you could contact the sellers and see if they can accommodate you with any logo imprinting or point you to the supplier.

  3. Funny Says:

    Thank You! Very nice… :-)

  4. James @ Garden Sheds Says:

    Is that a USB builders hat? It looks a bit more like a USB sea snail or something like that to me. I’ll stick with my USB credit card I think :) , these are awesome though.

  5. DT Says:

    Yep, thats suppose to be a builders hat or hard hat. I dont see how you can see a sea snail in it, but hey – to each their imagination. ;-)

  6. Tony @ High Efficiency Air Conditioning Says:

    nice post, i think that those are awesome, it’d be hard to lose if you stacked a bunch together.

  7. mary @ handbags Says:

    You can’t have this lying around the house or the kids will end up playing with them and forgetting where they had put it last time.

  8. DT Says:

    Or they may play a prank on you and substitute the lego flash drive with a regular lego block. ;)

  9. stacie @ Green Houses Says:

    My brother used to play with lego and I think he’d like something like this. It does look a little bit toy like, so it’s not as great as some of the others and not suitable for a household with children, but still pretty cool.

  10. lynne @ building materials bradford Says:

    Love those lego USB sticks. I would like one in each colour.
    .-= lynne@building materials bradford´s last blog post ..PLASTERBOARD =-.

  11. jj @ mcquay parts Says:

    These are cool and a decent price too.

  12. MissSapphire Says:

    If I would have a stick like this I would be afraid that my 3 year old nephew would confuse it with his Lego pieces and I will never get it back :) )

  13. Jordan Says:

    You could make some interesting lego extensions for these flash drives. Plugging in a lego house flash drives would have some interesting novelty to it.

  14. Steve Madden @ discount code Says:

    I wanna buy the black Lego flash drive. Thanks for sharing this information. Keep me updated with your new posts soon.

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