Keys of Cake

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Want a piece of this?

White Cream Cake Memory Stick with Strawberries on Top

It’s a Strawberry Cake Flash Drive. (
white logo2)

Would you like some chocolate with your strawberries?

Chocolate Cake Memory Stick with Strawberries and Blueberries on Top

Then go for this Black Forest Cake Flash Drive. (

Blueberries and strawberries don’t satisfy you?

Want to add some kiwi, peach and raspberry?

White Cream Cake Flash Drive with several Fruits on Top

E voila, the Fruit Cake Memory Stick. (white logo2)

Oh, you would like it more exquisite?

Millefeuille Cake Memory Stick with several Layers plus Raspberries and Blueberries on Top

The french Mille-Feuille Cake Flash Drive should be to your liking then.

Yeah I know, your mouth is watering now. If you don’t want to be the only one I suggest you put any of these on your desktop. That way your passers-by will both be tort-ured and delighted too.

Your desk is the right place for these anyway since they only serve as repositories for the drives. What you actually plug into your computer are the golden parts, being keys of cake.

All 4 Tort Memory Sticks, one with golden USB Key pulled out

All Tort Flash Drives (@ white logo2) or (@ logox21)

You see, it’s like a storage within a storage. And bearing a beautiful cake royale insignia, they can turn 1-2GB of data. Which means your machine doesn’t stand a chance of ever caking up again. As an extra, they already come with a keychain attached and the whole set is delivered in a cake box.

So if you ask me, tort flash drives could very well be the cream of the crop. Because at last, you can have your cake and read it too. And all for a reasonable pr-icing!

…on eBay right now:
[wordbay]cake +(usb,flash,earrings) -(wedding)[/wordbay]

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13 Responses to “Keys of Cake”

  1. MACLOVE1 Says:

    I LOVE THEM :)

  2. Terry Lewis Says:

    That is so funny! You must be making a killing off of all these jumpdrive cases, lol. I never would have thought someone or I would think of this, that’s awesome, so do you have anything of the music type style?

  3. DT Says:

    Hi Terry,
    if anything, I’m making a living off these drives – not a killing. ;) But just so you know, I’m not producing or selling these myself. As for the music type style, did you see my post on the USB Guitar Flash Drive?

  4. progiftstore Says:

    Seems like very delicious! I’m not sure what my little niece will do if I put those pictures on my desktop … cry? or eat my computer screen?

  5. shustikov @ DJ Equipment Says:

    rofl, give me my usb coffeemaker and usb microwave plz

  6. Ray@ Mobilt Bredbånd Says:

    Those are so cool. I guess my wife would like to have one of those. I might buy one for her. She’s a bit of a cake maniac, and a computer maniac too;-) – Ray J.

  7. james @ garden treasures Says:

    Wow. Another variation. Really interesting indeed the manner in which nowadays USB sticks are made. Really cool.
    .-= garden treasures´s last blog post ..Garden Classics =-.

  8. lynne @ hozelock Says:

    Oh these fruit cake memory sticks are making me hungry! These are really cool i’d love to know if I can get them in the UK.

  9. DT Says:

    Yes you can –>
    UK Cake Memory Sticks I can see one shipping out of Birmingham. :)

  10. louise @ Office Supplies Says:

    You have some really super USB memory stick designs. Mouthwatering in fact. I should learn not to look at your site until I have had my lunch!

  11. Aaron @ Vibration Plate Says:

    Love it! that just looks extra yummmy as well! i dont know how you come up with these things but man you really blow our minds away with these designs! keep em coming!

  12. Barny @ Hayabusa Says:

    Haha! i’ve checked out most of your usb designs, and i would have to say this caught my attention the most! love the whole cake concept!! looks delicious!

  13. Belinda Benn Says:

    lol those usb keys are crazy , great photos ;)

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