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Halloween Rotation: October 8, 2011

Vroom! Vroom! From the cutting edge of entertainment technology, here’s the chainsaw flash drive.

Chainsaw Flash Drive detached from Blood Stained Engine

One Sharp Gadget: Chainsaw Memory Stick (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

Initially released with the recent Asian limited edition of Resident Evil 5, it now is available as a single item. In case you’re among the ignorant alive, Resident Evil is a computer game series where you slay zombies and they slay you. With chainsaws. Hence this memory stick.

Fueled with 2GB, the actual chainsaw flash drive is in the blood stained blade and can be stored in the equally blood stained engine. Although ideal to store saved games from Resident Evil, one can pretty much saw any file logs or byte blocks. Maybe you can even raise your computer from the dead and put back some order to an unholy data massacre. I’m sure especially Voodo PCs and equpiment will appreciate this zombie themed memory stick.

Resident Evil 5 DVD Box with Chainsaw Memory Stick and DVD

Promo Package:
Making Of Resident Evil 5 DVD + Chainsaw Flash Drive
(@ black logo)

So presenting no bio-hazard, we see this USB chainsaw turning into a Resident Data Retrieval. If it’s still too gory for you though there’s also some harmless looking drives available, customized with Resident Evil images.

Custom Flash Drive with Resident Evil 5 image

Custom Resident Evil Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

Now I’m just wondering when we will see an actual zombie flash drive released. Maybe one where you can take off the head or an arm to reveal the USB connector. Oh well, maybe with Resident Evil 6.

In the meantime…

…these Animated Zombies…

Crawling Zombie, Walking Zombie & Animated Zombie Corpse

Thriller in the Home: Moving Zombie Props (@ black logo) or (black3)

…or these Garden Zombies…

Backyard Window Zombie & Garden Zombie lurking out of soil

Spooky Garden Variety: Yard Zombie Props (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

…will have to do. I’m sure either one of these make for a nice finding in your backyard instead of some lame easter eggs. Wouldn’t you say?

Well, I leave you with a few zombie rhymes.
You know, like “What do zombies eat? BRAAAAAAAAINS.”
But let’s make them computer specific, OK?
“What motherboard do zombies prefer? MAAAAAAAAIN.”
“Which web design do they like the most? HTML FRAAAAAAAAMES.”
“Whats a zombies’s favorite data arrangement? ARAAAAAAAAY.”
“What do they like to do on PCs? PLAAAAAAAAY GAAAAAAAAMES.
(Especially Resident Evil)
Ok, let’s hear your own!

…on eBay right now:

[wordbay](chainsaw usb,animated zombie)[/wordbay]

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19 Responses to “Sawing Logs”

  1. Valentine dinner Says:

    Great styles of USB flash drives. I will have the chainsaw style because I only have a 2GB simple flash drive. It looks like chainsaw, it’s very stylish, right?.. Even the Resident evil flash drive but I love the chainsaw flash drive, it looks like really a chainsaw, a mini chainsaw…

    Thanks to this post…This is my first time to see artistic designs of flash drives…

  2. Lisa Says:

    How to use other USB controllers with PC games which can only accept XBOX 360 controllers?

  3. DT Says:

    this site is about flash drives, not game controllers. I’m afraid I cant help you there. (But maybe others here can?)

  4. lynne @ hozelock Says:

    My boyfriend is a massive fan of horror movies, I have to get him the chainsaw memory stick, its fantastic I love it.

  5. Admin @ Lasik Doctors Says:

    I would love to collect items like this. To be honest, I really find it very amazing to see unusual designs like these items.
    .-= Lasik Doctors´s last blog post ..What will happen After LASIK Eye surgery =-.

  6. Bob Jenson @ Web Design Says:

    Love the chainsaw stick! You should make an Evil Dead II version ;-)

  7. DT Says:

    Bob, an Evil Dead II flash drive is a cool idea. However Im not a gadget hacker, I prefer to write about them. ;)

  8. Zalman @ Aion CD Key Says:

    Looking realy chainsaw. I have a collection of different and funny flash drives. This is going to be in my list soon.

  9. Kevin Brite Says:

    wow,these are cool mind if i share this?

  10. DT Says:

    why should I? Please go ahead. :)

  11. Asd @ FreeXboxLive Says:

    Wow, this is soo cool! This would really turn heads in front of friends and stuff
    .-= FreeXboxLive´s last blog post ..Free Xbox live =-.

  12. Jaydee Says:

    its vroom vroom!

    I just hope that its really an organic or real wood. lets go green!
    .-= Jaydee´s last blog post ..How to speed up a slow or sluggish computer =-.

  13. Shustikov @ Plastic Surgery Prices Says:

    I recently started collecting all kinds of usb memory sticks lol, this one would be a great addition.
    .-= Plastic Surgery Prices´s last blog post ..Plastic Surgery Prices 2010 – American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery =-.

  14. Bob @ Web Design Wellington Says:


    Do you deliver to Wellington, New Zealand? If so, how much please?
    Possible one but I may want more (to sell on).


  15. DT Says:

    Bob, are you talking only about these Chainsaw flash drives? Since I dont sell or deliver myself you have to check with the eBay listings if any of the sellers ship to New Zealand. Most sell worldwide though, especially those from Hong Kong. Either way, I also sent you an email Bob. ;)

  16. Bob @ Web Design Wellington Says:

    Hey DT,

    Yep I was talking about the chainsaw flash drives. I just saw the drives and assumed you sold them as well, doh!

    Thanks, I received your email!


  17. sam @ Says:

    woooww))) need to buy something scary))) like+++

  18. ash green Says:

    Thanks for such a nice content. Apppreciate it :)
    If anyone interested similar one’s have a look here thanks

  19. Sawyer Says:

    Cool & Horrible drives.

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