Comping Donuts

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Whether you work in an office, police station or nuclear power plant, donut shaped flash drives will fill your stereotype with a twist.

Pile of Donut Shaped Flash Drives

USB Donut Flash Drives (@ logox21)

First of all they don’t have any holes even though it appears they do. Second of all they’re really useful. Just dunk your USB Donut into a computer with low functionality and watch in amazement how the sugar high will make it operate on peak efficiency again. Make sure you leave it dunked in though otherwise your machine may become slow again. The only question is what type of icing your system prefers…


Strawberry Donut Memory Stick

Strawberry Donut Flash Drive (@ white logo2)


Chocoloate Donut Memory Stick

Chocolate Donut Flash Drive (@ black3)

Or if all that gives you a bad conscience:
How about the healthier green tea donut to ease it?

Donut Memory Stick with Green Icing

Green Tea Donut Flash Drive (@ white logo2)

Whatever your choice – if you want to give your machine lots of dough without going nuts then you needn’t crave any further than these memory stick donuts.

…on eBay right now:

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5 Responses to “Comping Donuts”

  1. Skyline Says:

    look like real :x

  2. stacie @ Green House Spares Says:

    These are by far my favourite flash drives! I love doughnuts (way too much) and these look sooo good. Might not be a good idea for me though because when I see doughnuts and I want one, so I’d end up munching them a lot more.

  3. James @ Computer Repair Says:

    Now I want a doughnut! This just shows why I shouldn’t get one of these, I’d end up the size of my office. I bet my mom would love these though, doughnuts are her favourite.

  4. Victor @ Salvia Divinorum Says:

    Oh my, now you got me hungry! I love this blog.

  5. Admin @ Computer Repair Glasgow Says:

    Doughnuts – is there anything they cant do?

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