A Wristful of Data

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Here you can find flash drive bracelets and wrist bands.
Are these are for people who prefer to carry memory with their wrists instead of
their mind? Interesting question but I think its premise is unfair. After all, who says you can’t do both?

Nope, I think this has more to do with leisurely reaching out your hand while plugging that memory stick in. Although, if you’re transferring lots of data and depending on where the USB port is relative to your body position, this can be quite an exercise. As another form of reaching out, you could use these flash drive bands as friendship bracelets. And you could let that friendship thrive by sharing your favorite mp3s or exchanging research material for your homework. As usual, possibilities are endless with USB memory sticks. :)

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Marc Jacobs USB bracelet 4 GB silicone Bracelet NWT $38

Marc Jacobs USB bracelet 4 GB silicone Bracelet NWT $38
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Marc Jacobs USB bracelet 4 GB silicone Bracelet NWT $38

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  1. Elmo @ Web Design Sunshine Coast Says:

    Oh! There’s a band form which is actually a USB drive? I haven’t seen this style before. Bringing your USB anywhere at fashion!

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