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Want to have your files pending in glamor? Want to stick your neck out? (Or should I say neck your stick out…?) Consider these flash drive necklaces and pendants.

Guitar Necklace Flash Drive

Hanging on a String: USB Guitar Necklace (@ logox21)

As you can gather, some of these are quite elegant and their shapes speak pure style. For example: pearls, crosses, owls, swords, butterflies and guitars. What really makes them special in my opinion is their adornment with silver, gold or platinum and beautifully reflecting crystals. Typically, they come in a capacity between 1 – 8GB and in a jewelry type gift box. You may find yourself asking though: What about the not so pretty USB connector? Well, like other flash drives it’s only exposed by folding or removing a cap. So you see, design is not compromised when carrying a necklace memory stick.

Owl Necklace Flash Drive

Quite a Hoot: USB Owl Necklace (@ black logo)

What else can be said? Well, a specific type that I feel deserves its own post are heart shaped USB pendants. Call me cheesy but I find this all very pretty! I think it’s safe to say that necklace flash drives make significant presents for people you care about. Wouldn’t you agree?

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4G Cute Gourd Rhinestone Necklace USB Flash Drive Pro Gift

4G Cute Gourd Rhinestone Necklace USB Flash Drive Pro Gift
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4G Cute Gourd Rhinestone Necklace USB Flash Drive Pro Gift

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15 Responses to “Stick your Neck out”

  1. Alaina Says:

    this looks soooo kool!! especially the owl one!!! do you have it in other colors or just that crystal one?

  2. DT Says:

    you can find all kinds of flash drive necklaces if you follow the link at the bottom, below the Ebay search box.

  3. brutaru @ Native American jewelry Says:

    Interesting idea, these are the cutest memory sticks i have ever seen. I wouldn’t mind to add them to my jewelry collection, i don’t think anyone would notice they are flash drives unless i would show them.

  4. admin @ Spiritual Jewelry Says:

    These are awesome! I lol’d when I read the “neck your stick out”.

  5. Tim @ Personal Stylist Says:

    Oh no, Surely this isn’t the latest phase? A touch of bling with a touch of functionality! I guess a real good use is keeping data backups safe.

  6. admin @ costume jewellery Says:

    nice flash drive pendent. idea behind this necklace is awesome. its really nice looking with multipurpose.. i like them alot especially guitar one.. nice post thanks..

  7. Admin @ Swarovski Crystal Jewellery Says:

    Flash drive pendent is really cool stuff. nice and creative idea behind it. now we dont have to take an extra usb drive with us. nice product i m surely going to buy one. thanks for post..!!

  8. faye @ silver cross pendants Says:

    The necklaces are very special. Can not wait to buy the heart shaped USB pendant.

  9. Matthew @ Blue Topaz Necklace Says:

    Hi all, it seems to be a technological fun for me as I had recently purchased a USB flash drive necklace pendants for my storage. I was really amazed by the USB owl necklace pendant drive which has a shiny silver look and space for 4GB amount of data. It is scratch proof and a brand new item out in the market. My family members got crazy out of this fabulous designed drive and my USB drive is the hot topic in our whole family. I am very proud that I had purchased a useful fashionable technological drive. How about you?

  10. Shelbie Says:

    Hey!! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love love love the owl!!! Tonight on the show Pretty Little Liars, one of the characters had one and I was like “I gotta have it!!!!”, so I googled and found this site!!! But this is amazing!!! :D I will definately need this for when I start college nxt yr :P

  11. Peter Says:

    Wow, these usb drives are completely in disguise. I remember wearing just the regular usb stick years ago in school

  12. James Says:

    A skull and cross bones one would be great, well at least something a little more manly/geeky.

  13. DT Says:

    for that you can check out my skeleton flash drive post . :)

  14. sexy Says:

    i really love the guitar one! sooo pretty! xx

  15. dentist @ Says:

    Cool!.. Guiter pendrive USB 3.00!!!

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