13 Flash Drive Uses

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So almost everyone knows these days what a flash drive or USB memory stick is. Right? Right. But do you also know the various things you can do with it? Personally, I had no idea of the amazingly different types and uses out there when I started this blog. So I figured I compile a random list and invite you to comment on it. If you have a warranted addition, no matter how abstract or concrete, I will adjust the number in the title accordingly. Here we go!

1.Transporting personal data like documents, photos and videos and transferring them between computers. This is probably the most common use for memory sticks, whether their capacity is 16MB or 16GB.

Crystal Blue Memory Stick

Crystal Blue Flash Drive (@ logox21)

2.Running software and applications, mostly combined with the data stored on the flash drive. This is great with standalone programs such as VLC media player as they’re pretty independent of any operating system. (VLC is the best video program there is IMO.)

3.Storing and accessing game data, especially saved games. This is very popular with playstations and their flash memory cards.

4.Booting up your system. Who needs ridiculous floppy disks or recovery CDs when you can have a nifty, Bootable Flash Drive?

5.Your walking music library. This is especially neat when you can connect it to a car or home stereo that has a USB port.

6.Your actual music listening device. iPods or mp3 players are really nothing more than memory sticks equipped with headphones and audio running software.

SanDisk Sansa Express MP3 Player

SanDisk MP3 Player (@ black logo)

7.Storing and providing medical records which can save your life in emergencies. Medical Flash Drives are specialized for this so if disaster strikes, quick and efficient patient care can be guaranteed.

8.Running or transferring anti-virus and repair programs. You may be able to rescue your machine from that pestering infection of your system and files. Of course you could also get a virus through a memory stick but let’s not think about that.

9.Espionage. Industrial, intelligence, private investigations, you name it. I don’t recommend such use but hey, with Secure Flash Drives it should be pretty effective.

10.Increasing hard disk cache. Adding virtual memory from your USB storage may make your system and programs run a lot smoother. As a matter of fact there are memory sticks specifically equipped for ReadyBoost in Windows Vista.

ReadyBoost Memory Stick

Waterproof ReadyBoost Flash Drive (@ black logo)

11.Backing up valuable data when tweaking around with your system or trying to repair it. Finally it feels good to format that entire hard disk…

12.Marketing and promotion. Whether you’re a big company or freelance business individual you can brand Customizable USB Drives with your name, include promotional content and give them to your (potential) customers. Artists or music labels have distributed select songs on memory sticks, especially during concerts, and fast food chains have got their consumers hooked with USB Hamburgers and Coke Shaped Flash Drives.

13.Simply having fun! Beside fast food memory sticks there’s plenty more Crazy Flash Drives out there that make for great company and cheerful gag gifts (while still being useful). My favorites are probably Fortune Cookies, Guitars and USB Humping Dogs. :mrgreen:

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  1. Hamsaaya Says:

    thanks !! very helpful post!

  2. craig Says:

    hi there – im looking for some promotional flashdrives min 2 gig and above I think, can you supply whosle priceing for lots of under 20? Can you arrange the print of our logo? (it doesnt matter if you cant)

    heres the catch, we realy need them wholesale, we are going to offer them in New Zealand dirt cheap discounted- in order to help drive traffic to our site.
    Can you help?

  3. DT Says:

    Hi Craig,
    have you seen my post on Bulk Flash Drives? Personally I don’t ship or produce any, you have to follow the links to actually get to the sellers/distributors. If you contact them I’m sure they can help you. Good luck!

  4. alj Says:

    please do tell how to use usb

  5. DT Says:

    Hi alj,
    what do you mean? If you want to know more about USB and its uses I suggest you read the wikipedia entry:

  6. Feel-Live Says:

    Interesting article, thanks! I bought Flash USB 100GB!!! Very pleased!

  7. DT Says:

    Thanks, feel-live. I’m sure you mean a 100GB USB SSD Flash Drive, not a mini USB-one…?

  8. casey Says:

    great site!!!

  9. sean @ hd recovery Says:

    Hey thanks for the useful tips. I guess I had a pretty narrow idea of the possibilities….

  10. tkha @ PC Quick Care Says:

    What a wonderful list of ideas! You make a great point about clients staying where they are appreciated- and that they will then bring in referrals naturally.

  11. WBM Says:

    Just a note on #10. Flash drive memory only has a limited lifespan of around 10,000 I/O operations. Using it as swap space will greatly decrease the life of your flash drives, and as they wear out, will increase the likelihood of memory errors in programs that use them as virtual memory.

    In short, DON’T do this. If you need extra swap space, get a hard drive, not a flash drive.

  12. DT Says:

    good points but I think its up to the individual whether they want to do this or not. IMO, having a highly portable disk cache enhancer has its benefits – especially if you dont use the flash drive for much else (or make sure to have a back up).

  13. admin @ cheap travel Says:

    you have presented a truly useful information about the benchmarks from various flash disk. I have experience using ReadyBoost Waterproof Flash Drive, but I feel boost feature on that flashdisk is less significant boost memory performance
    .-= cheap travel´s last blog post ..Myrtle Beach Vacation Package =-.

  14. Jay @ Clay Headphones Says:

    Unlike EEPROM, it is erased and programmed in blocks consisting of multiple locations (in early flash the entire chip had to be erased at once).

  15. philip Says:

    great nedd your advise.. which USB can be used on my car mp3?
    .-= philips´s last blog post ..Optoma DS317 2600 Lumen SVGA DLP Multimedia Projector =-.

  16. DT Says:

    any USB drive will do on an mp3 stereo. If you need a big storage of mp3 files and are concerned about speeds just browse my brand and capacity categories (on the left). Speedwise I always recommend the Corsair GTRs but normal USB speeds should be fine for your car too.

  17. JZ @ bluetooth headset reviews Says:

    Will these flash drives lose their ability to write slowly over time? Is that a common problem with these things?

  18. DT Says:

    JZ, I take it you mean if a flash drive writes slower over time? That may happen depending on how much you use it, how you use it and how well you take care of the drive. If you run programs for instance that use the files directly from the flash drive that can wear it out over time. But it all depends on the quality of the drive too, the cheaper ones usually wear out faster. As with every type of memory, there is a limit to how many times it can be written. With flash drives its suppose to range between 10,000 to 100,000 times.

  19. Pierre Rattini @ http://myrtlebeachhandymanguide.com Says:

    Do you have anything that would apply to a handyman. It might be a great gift to give to my clients.

  20. DT Says:

    how about the USB Safety Helmet? (at the bottom of the post)

  21. yourfreefile @ http://beatnikgames.co.uk/index.php/forums/member/152399 Says:

    If carrots are so good for the eyes, how come I see so many dead rabbits on the highway?

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