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What’s the difference between a fortune cookie and a fortune cookie flash drive? Well, a fortune cookie reveals its information when broken while a fortune cookie flash drive reveals it when whole. Also, it only contains one message whereas the memory stick can contain thousands of messages. Want some examples?

Brown Fortune Cookie Flash Drive

Vanilla Fortune Cookie Memory Stick (@ white logo2)

Ok, but be warned – some of these may contain disturbing profanity…

Blue Fortune Cookie Flash Drive

Blueberry Fortune Cookie Flash Drive (@ black3)

Confucius say: “He who stands on toilet high on pot.”
Confucius say: “Crowded elevator always smell different to midget“.
Confucius say: “Those who make love in strawberry patch have butt in jam.

Red Fortune Cookie Flash Drive

Strawberry Fortune Cookie Memory Stick (@ white logo2)

Confucius say: Man who fly airplane upside-down bound to have crack up.”
Confucius say: “Man who go to bed with itchy bum wake up with smelly finger.
Confucius say: “
Better to flash while driving than to drive while being flashed.”

Ok, these are just a few I have picked up around the net. The last one I actually just made up myself (believe it or not). If you like to read more, check out Top 61 Fortune Cookie Messages You Don’t Want To See. But before you do, let’s keep on with wisdoms that are more on the subject of this website…

Green Fortune Cookie Flash Drive

Mint Fortune Cookie Flash Drive (@ black3)

Confucius say: “The palest ink is better than the best memory”.
Confucius say: “Digital circuits are made from analog parts”.
Confucius say: “Be careful where you ram your stick and where you stick your RAM”.
Confucius say: “Everyone has a photographic memory, some people just don’t have film!”

Pink Fortune Cookie Flash Drive

Raspberry Fortune Cookie Memory Stick (@ white logo2)

To close this post, let’s have a discussion between me and the chinese sage.
Confucius say: “Man who have clear conscience usually have bad memory too.”
DT says: “Man can make good memory by using fortune cookie memory stick”
Confucius say: “Fortune cookie memory stick may fix memory but may not ensure good fortune”.
DT says: “Fortune cookie memory stick may not ensure good fortune but may cost one”.
Confucius say: “He who can afford is not to be ignored”.

Feel free to continue and submit your own. :)

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