Dock ‘n’ Roll

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So you’re an upcoming rock ‘n’ roll star but also have a geek inside you? Maybe you record your smashing riffs onto mp3 with your laptop or home computer? And when you hear the word strings you think of data and transfer instead of just the newest chord you’ve learned? Then my friend, it sounds like guitar flash drives are up your alley.

Guitar Shaped Flash Drive

Major A: Guitar Memory Stick (@ black logo)

or (black3)

But even if you have no musical talent – I’m sure you too can appreciate a memory stick with a kick ass design. Right? Most of these guitar flash drives have a rubber coating and hide their USB interface under a removable arm. Memory can range from 1 – 8GB and its functionality may be indicated by a red light LED. For the heavy metal fan they come packed in gift boxes of steel or tin. If you like your metal more precious however and prefer the acoustic type you can go for the golden USB guitar necklace.

But back to our truly electric guitars that make sticks rock. Types I’ve seen so far are the red Camp Rock, Les Paul and YZC. In case you don’t know what either of these names mean I give you a quick rolldown. Camp Rock is a musical comedy movie with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. Les Paul is a model made by the legendary jazz guitarist of the same name in cooperation with the Gibson company. And YZC, well….you got me there. Maybe it’s a hidden satanic message?

Well, let’s not engage in any more speculation. It’s now time to dim the lights and pick up your guitar flash drive. Then lift the curtains and rock & roll down memory lane…

…on eBay right now:
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21 Responses to “Dock ‘n’ Roll”

  1. kevin ray Says:

    Hello nice website maybe you can check out my acoustic guitars website kevin

  2. Temperance @ Tents Says:

    Honestly i really love these fancy USB drive ideas. Super cool. Who knows, in the future they may even represent your personality.

  3. Donovan @ learning centre Says:

    These are great little USB devices. Definitely quirky and something i wouldn’t mind owning one of these. Thanks for providing the links for where i can get my hands on one of these awesome USB’s

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rusty @ Music Archive Says:

    Well what do you know – I’ve seen the “eco-friendly” wooden flash drives before but a slick looking guitar flash drive is a first. They really should have made it look like a nice vintage guitar tho – maybe a shiny Gibson Gold Top. :)
    .-= Rusty@Music Archive´s last blog post ..1952 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top Guitar Auction =-.

  5. John @ Minneapolis Music Says:

    Boy those are shnazzzy! It’d be a bit better if they used the “slide out the bottom” style so you wouldn’t lose your guitar top.

  6. Joe @ Guitar Wizard Says:

    Excellent blog/post! It’s amazing to me that I still have time to read as I keep finding interesting things to read! Very cool design.
    Thanks and appreciate the contribution.

  7. Chris the Acoustic Guitar Nut Says:

    Ok, so a Les Paul USB stick is really cool, but how about something that looks like an acoustic or classical guitar? Maybe a Martin D-15 or something, coz everyone knows I’m never going to be able to afford one, LOL.

  8. DT Says:

    at the moment the closest thing to an acoustic guitar are these Necklace Flash Drives. But I agree, a plain Martin D-15 would be nice. :)

  9. Sam Jones Says:

    WOW! I’m not good at playing guitar but I would love to have this :D Always wanted to have my own guitar and thanks to this cool design my dream will come true shortly.

    I’ll definitely write a descriptive essay on it once I get it my hands.. lolz

  10. DT Says:

    and the good news is that with this one you wont get blisters on your fingers. ;)

  11. Ardian @ Best Guitarist Says:

    wow, it’s so cute :D Unfortunately it still doesn’t available in my country :(
    .-= Best Guitarist´s last blog post ..Slash – Saul Hudson =-.

  12. DT Says:

    What country are you from, Ardian? You know that most of these listings on Ebay ship worldwide, right?

  13. Barny @ Hayabusa Says:

    I love that! its amazing ,my 14 year old cousin would love that! Such an amazing idea! i dont know how you guys come up with such amazing ideas!

  14. Admin @ Hammocks Says:

    Wow, great little gadget..I want one!

  15. Fono @ ProSincerity Says:

    For a fan of electric guitar this flash is really a great gift. It’s also a good present on birthday.
    .-= ProSincerity´s last blog post ..Gibson Strap – nice guitar straps =-.

  16. Chris @ Mobility Products Says:

    Gread idea, love the whole concept behind it. It really adds a very boyish sorta kick that make every teenage boy want it! great marketing strategy as well!

  17. Jaydee Says:

    I like your usb guitar!
    would you complete it with drums, organ, and others… hehehe!
    .-= Jaydee´s last blog post ..How to speed up a slow or sluggish computer =-.

  18. Alan Slater Says:

    What a fab idea my 15 year old son will be up for that, he’s just started having guitar lessons and sees himself as a bit of a rock start already (and a geek) although in reality he’s driving us all crazy

  19. amy Says:

    dude, this is so coooooool…..luv it! get a drumset. that would be awesome-er!….:)

  20. Jomar @ Acoustic Guitar Says:

    Im really looking forward to see this. I haven’t seen this USB Drive yet.

  21. Rucksack Ron Says:

    this is cool, I wish there was a rucksack version!

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