Baggage Load

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So how about making memory sticks a little more fashionable? Whether you’re a lady or guy, with handbag flash drives you’re guaranteed to be the star of the bitwalk.

Lady Handbag Memory Sticks in Yellow, Blue and Red

Shopping for Gigabytes: Handbag Flash Drives (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

For the male office nerd the attention might be a little awkward of course unless he cunningly draws it from his female co-workers. A baggage size of 1-8GB coupled with a suave “Here, let me lend a bag…” could definitely help and impress. And with pink or red colors, purse flash drives don’t just make life easier but also more flamboyant.

Not quite prêt-a-port, handbag memory sticks first need to be zipped open at the side before you can let the data out of the bag. Or into it.

Purse Memory Sticks in Green and Purple, one held in hand

If you don’t want to go with plastic, rubber or latex you could instead emanate more high society with crystal diamonds.

Crystal Diamond Handbag Memory Stick Necklace in Jewel Case

Lucky Bag: Crystal Purse Flash Drive (@ black logo)

or (black3)

This handbag flash drive is actually a pendant so you can wear it around your neck instead of your wrist. Also, it has a retractable USB connector eliminating the need of unzipping (sorry ya’ll ;-) ).

Well, whatever baggage you choose make sure it’s the electrical kind instead of emotional. Because the first is easy to carry around and actually helps you to get the load off your system. And if it ever happens to be too full you can simply delete it with a few clicks. After that, carry-on downloading.

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9 Responses to “Baggage Load”

  1. Asswass Says:

    That’s a lot of memory sticks, cool designs though.

    Asswass’s last blog post..Hiburrito for Bloggers (Part II): Affiliate Marketing

  2. A Small Compilation of Handbag USB Flash Drives | GadgetHer Says:

    [...] [Image Source] [...]

  3. spyker @ luggage tags Says:

    looks a lot like a luggage tag lol. Will it get lost easily?

  4. DT Says:

    Hey, thats a pretty creative idea – use the handbag flash drive as a luggage tag. It sure would make a match! lol
    If they get lost easily depends on the individual. Do you use lose your luggage tags easily? ;-)

  5. dk @ coach bags Says:

    Ha, thats a pretty creative idea

  6. sherah @ Purple Handbag Says:

    Yes a very creative idea and you can use this on your daily living experience. Very Useful to our daily lives because we now run on internet world wide.

  7. mary @ handbag Says:

    These had to be cutest USB drives I’ve ever seen. The quilted handbag and hello kitty design inspired ones are just awesome!

  8. Rina @ Nortwest Shooter Supply Says:

    So cute. It’s my first time to see these cute bags. I never thought USB has their own bags. It was really cute and creative. I am thinking to have one.

  9. Luggage Love Says:

    Very nice to use on the handle of your carry-on or luggage when traveling.No one would of thought of these little purses as usb flash drives. They look like keychains and cute ones too.

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