Flashing First Aid

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Not only are memory sticks convenient but as medical flash drives they can actually save your life! Especially in an emergency – where access to your medical ID and record is crucial – they come in as smooth and fast operators. They can store your allergies, conditions and prescriptions that you’re on or shouldn’t take. Also, they can include your medical insurance and contact information of your friends and relatives. So basically, a medical memory stick is the upgraded version of a medi-tag and can really make life easier for you and the emergency personnel. Or other first responders!


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USB medical alerts can be especially vital for the elder, disabled or handicapped. If you have problems remembering your medical history or just don’t want to worry about memorizing, it sure is great to still be able to provide your live saving information. Then think of a situation where you’re traveling or aren’t able to communicate due to unconsciousness or some other reason. If one needs to be rushed to a hospital an emergency flash drive can optimize patient care and by the same token it might save you the trip.

One thing a USB medical alert can’t do however is rescue your computer. I’m afraid that’s a different emergency that requires different measures. That type of virus infection may still be alleviated with a memory stick however, albeit a more regular one. How? Simply by backing up your data or running an anti-virus program from it.

Well, hoping that you place more emphasis on a human life though it’s definitely worth considering to combine your medical flash drive with a memory stick lanyard or USB bracelet. This could ensure maximum first aid. And not just for your own personal health and safety but for your pet’s too…

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16 Responses to “Flashing First Aid”

  1. Free Theme Layouts Says:

    Wow, this is a must buy! You’ll just never know when a medical emergency will strike!

  2. Jane @ Online Nursing Degrees Says:

    These are the future of dog tags and maybe donor cards. Good for epileptics or people with certain allergies.

  3. shezard @ 4 drawer filing cabinet Says:

    Now thats pretty creative! you guys could design stuff like these and supply them to hospitals! you guys could diversify into much more actually..Amazing stuff!

  4. Jeff Says:

    Wow I can’t believe I never thought of this as a use for USB memory sticks. One problem though, if for some reason the stick was lost it could be a big invasion of privacy for whoever finds it, is there a way to safely encrypt files on a USB drive and then maybe give that password to family members who would be your first contacts?
    .-= Jeff´s last blog post ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  5. DT Says:

    Jeff, as I mentioned at the bottom of the post, keyrings and lanyards can greatly minimize the risk of loss. But lets say it does happen, there’s a few medical flash drives that have optional password protection and encryption such as the MedFlash or Medical ID. I’m sure there are others you can find if you sift through the listings. Alternatively, you could get a small capacity Secure Flash Drive. I would think twice about such security though, because if the owner is in a dire emergency the data cannot be accessed immediately, if at all. If they need to call your family members for the password then you need to ensure this is explained on a label on the flash drive, together with the phone number(s).
    p.s.: Some medical flash drives have password protection only against accidental erasing.

  6. admin @ laser eye surgery Says:

    Great idea to use a USB drive for medical records.

  7. reaes @ insurance tips Says:

    These are the future of dog tags and maybe donor cards. Good for epileptics or people with certain allergies.
    .-= insurance tips´s last blog post ..How To Get Cheap Health Insurance Online =-.

  8. James @ London nursing home Says:

    These are a fantastic idea, but I’m not often carrying a USB key around with me wherever I go, so I don’t think one would help save my life. Also as mentioned above – the privacy issues. Password protected? Not much use if you’re unable to talk and give it out. But you never know!

  9. admin @ cheap medical insurance Says:

    Now thats pretty creative! you guys could design stuff like these and supply them to hospitals! you guys could diversify into much more actually..
    .-= cheap medical insurance´s last blog post ..Five more ways Obama’s health-care law boosts unions =-.

  10. cynthia @ dog accessories Says:

    My mother just got one of these last month, and it works great. It makes me feel a lot more at ease, as she lives alone and I can review the stick to see how she’s been doing. Thanks for this post

  11. guru @ cheap medical insurance Says:

    Great idea to use a USB drive for medical records.

  12. Richard Stancik Says:

    I had never thought of the issue of medical privacy in the event of loss of the flash drive until I read the comments above, but I’d say you could also put only the information that you might include on a traditional medical ID or in your wallet. i.e., contact information, allergy information, etc. You don’t have to put every bit of personal information on there for it to be worthwhile and possibly lifesaving

  13. jon @ springbreak2012dates.com Says:

    this is a wonderful idea. it’s very handy when you go into the mountains or wild nature on your own.

  14. Admin @ www.medicalguardian.com Says:

    I am very glad for this type of device also help elderly persons in emergency, i like your post. In today’s time we are very busy in our day to day life and have no time to take care of our elders, so medical alerts provides us the opportunity to take care of our elders i.e medical alert service is a type of warning device which helps to protect our loved ones in an emergency. Medical alert service offers different types of devices such as medical alert pendants, necklaces & alarms etc. So we have an option to choose which suits best for our elders.

  15. Susie Says:

    I bought three of these bracelets,and the first time I wore one, I lost it. Fortuately for me I lost it in my home. The bracelets come apart extremely easily. Not too safe since they have your information on them for anyone to access.

  16. DT Says:

    I guess it depends on the brand or manufacturer. Maybe you didn’t wear it tight enough? They should come off somewhat easily so that first aiders can gain quick access to the medical data.

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