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So you like your data to be raw, huh? Then savor these sushi flash drives.

Plate of USB Sushi Flash Drives

Chopped sticks: Variety of Sushi Flash Drives (@ black3)

With the wide selection of seafood available your computer is bound to get on a roll. Among others, you can choose your sushi memory stick with tuna (Maguro Nigiri), salmon (Sake Nigiri), shrimp (Ebi Nigiri), makerel (Saba Nigiri), sea urchin (Uni Nigiri) or eel (Unagi Nigiri). Or as something exotic like Gunkan (battleship sushi).

And no, there’s nothing fishy going on when your sushi drive zips your data through USB space without the need for chopsticks or much preparation time. Best of all, you won’t have to deal with potentially unpleasant smells!

Sushi Memory Stick with Egg

USB Sushi Roll with Egg and….something? (@ black logo)

Depending on how delicate you are as a raw foodist your USB sushi chunks can vary between 1 and 8GB. And if you’re new to the raw idea and worried about possible health hazards, you needn’t be. Sushi memory sticks are guarenteed free of parasitic worms. Well, at least on delivery. To ensure they stay that way just run your anti-virus programs on a regular basis. But aside from that, I’ve been eating lots of raw for about a year now and never had a problem. I love sushi as well as sashimi which is actual raw raw fish without the rice roll. My favorite is probably salmon. Yum!

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6 Responses to “Raw Files”

  1. japanese food Says:

    Ha..I like the sushi salmon stick. Thank for the share!

  2. Skyline Says:

    love the img of Variety of Sushi Flash Drives
    .-= Skyline´s last [blog post] ..Mini Promotional Digital Photo Frame keychain =-.

  3. Jason Says:

    wow sushi usb sticks huh? i think ive seen it all

  4. Stacie @ Computer Repair Says:

    I love these, they’re really colourful! I actually like the way sushi looks but I can’t bear to try any because the idea of raw fish puts me off. This way, I can have my sushi and not have to eat it lol x

  5. DT Says:

    Stacie, you should get yourself to actually try it as raw fish is really yummy and healthy. Maybe with eyes closed? lol Once you’ve gotten used to it it’s a whole new ball game. ;)

  6. Victor @ Salvia Divinorum Says:

    These are pretty clever. Maybe a little too lifelike. My dog might try to eat it!

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