Worth a Shot

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I actually shouldn’t be able to write this post. Because usually when I see a needle or just think of one I get dizzy. Maybe I’m improving? I guess a syringe flash drive can help people overcome their phobia as it’s not the real thing but pretty darn close. After having read my post maybe they will see how useful and harmless syringes can be and hence change their view on them. It’s worth a shot!

Two Syringe Memory Sticks, one uncapped with yellow interior and one with green interior

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The first thing that should help ease the fear is that USB syringes have a transparent design, enabling you to see the interior chips and circuits. And unlike with an ID microchip injection you know that this one stays inside. The handling of data however proves to be more fluent as syringe memory sticks can be reused and refilled many times even though they’re non-sterile. With a capacity of 1-8GB you can administer a vital data injection or immunize your system with an anti-virus program. Or you can simply store your data as needle files, drawing your hub.

Syringe flash drives are also great for promotional purposes but only if you’re a doctor or nurse. In other professions you would probably scare your clients away. If you decide to use it just for yourself make sure you inoculate your system with the correct doses. Otherwise it could develop a bad drug habit. As with all things, aim right and stick to the point…

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  1. Admin @ Antivirus Says:

    Cool idea! I want one!

  2. MissSapphire Says:

    I would never expected to see an USB in a syringe :) ) but it’s not bad, quite funny instead :) a great present for a nurse ;) )

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