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Are you hungry for more?
Believe it or not, even if you went through the entire menu from Pizza Memory Sticks to USB Drinks there’s still room for leftovers. Maybe you’d like to go a little more vegetarian now with a cabbage flash drive?

Greenish white Cabbage Memory Stick

Savvy Cabbage Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

Or how about a side order of french fried memory sticks? For them you actually have to go so far as to order from Germany. From what I know that’s the only country where a certain restaurant chain has promoted them.

burger king french fries flash drive

Chips with a Chip: French Fries Flash Drive (@ logox21)

Why they haven’t done so in the fast food land itself is beyond me. Either way, with 1GB they have just the right amount of transfer-fats. And these are actually healthy – well, for your computer anyway.

Now if you’d like to top it off with a dessert you could choose a popsicle or pastry.

Popcicle Memory Stick

Ice Cream on a Stick: Popsicle Flash Drive (@ logox21)

or (white logo2)

Unfortunately the Ebay & Amazon chefs are sometimes out of these leftovers as they’re cooked pretty rare. But rest assured they show up here whenever they’re available. Now if you know of any more food flash drives not mentioned yet or have an idea for one – then by all means tell us about it. You know here at DT’s Flash Drive Blog we have an insatiable craving for USB Foods, right?

…on eBay right now:
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  2. Virginia @ To Lose Weight Faster Says:

    Amazing how many different USB memorysticks there are! Here where I live we only have boring standard Cruizer style memorysticks :( But I really couldn’t imagine that they can be so various! Very interesting….

    .-= Virginia@To Lose Weight Faster´s last blog post ..Five Weight Loss Myths =-.

  3. james @ garden treasures Says:

    Great set of USB sticks I must say. love the popsicle one more though. Cheers

  4. lynne @ music festivals Says:

    I love your site, the cute ice cream memory stick is great. And I really want the cabbage one for my sis in law whos vegan.
    .-= lynne @ music festivals´s last blog post ..Sub Focus Records New Track =-.

  5. louise @ led candle Says:

    Burger king fries USB is really good, I would love to get this for my son.

  6. chef @ fitnessstudio Says:

    This USB sticks are really great for a gift. I have a guy with muscles and my company as a little advertisement gift. It is awesome.
    .-= fitnessstudio´s last blog post ..Fitnessstudio auswählen =-.

  7. Justin Says:

    Hmmm… a Burger King flash drive, thanks now I’m hungry for Burger King!
    .-= Justin´s last blog post ..Craftmatic Prices =-.

  8. James @ www.bojangles-franchise.com/ Says:

    These are cool usb designs. though in the end, you’ll basically just need a reliable, heavy duty bigger sized usb stick.

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