Veggie Love

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Ok – time to bring this blog back from its slumber! And what would be more suitable to liven up the energy than vegetable flash drives? Yep, even though we already covered quite a bunch of produce, let’s chew on some more juicy USB sticks. Like grandma would say, one can never have enough greens, right?

Let’s start our USB salad with some carrot flash drive.

Carrot Memory Stick with & without lid

The Carrot & The Stick: Carrot Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

You can dangle it from your keychain or plant it into your USB port – rewarding your computer with lots of data-carotenes and vitamin GBs!

But enough of this agent orange. Next we’ll go more green.

Cucumber Memory Stick with & without lid

As cool: Cucumber Flash Drive(@ black logo ) or (black3)

This cucumber flash drive can pickle up to 8GB of data without going sour.

While we’re on pickles, the next one doesn’t hold any data at all – but it sure shines a light on it!

USB Pickle Light in packaging & plugged in

Giving the Green Light: USB Pickle (@ black logo ) or (black3)

But back to our salad. How about we toss in some cool beans?

Bean Memory Sticks with & without lid

Count me in: Bean Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

Actually they can get quite warm, especially when they’re full and digesting 16GB of storage. I wonder: Would MISTER Bean use a bean flash drive?

Anyhow, next we could do with some mushroom.

Mushroom Memory Sticks in Green, Red & Brown

Dots on the I: Mushroom Flash Drive (@ logox21 ) or (white logo2)

Ok, ok, this may not be the edible type – but surely your computer could need a high? At least once in a while? Or maybe just good luck? Ingeniously, the cap is right under the cap and with 32GB, this mushroom flash drive adds some valuable protein to our salad.

However, if that’s not enough for you protein lovers out there we can also add some egg.

Egg Memory Stick with & without lid

In Your Face: Egg Flash Drive (@ logox21 ) or (white logo2)

While it may have its funny side up we should be careful not to fry it. With standard USB speed and storage, there’s no mystery to the computer egg – unless you choose to add some encryption software.

While we’re talking egg flash drive, how about we also take eggplant?

Eggplant Memory Stick with & without lid

Keeping in Shape : Eggplant Flash Drive (@ logox21) or (white logo2)

This one also comes as a hub which could bring some order to our data salad.

To round it off, we could also add some USB Corn, Cabbage and Peppers.

Of course we could also make other types of salad. Can you say peas?

Pea USB Hub for Memory Sticks

Smoking Pod: Pea USB Hub (@ logox21 ) or (white logo2)

Or potato flash drive?

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Memory Stick in front & rear view

All in the Head: Potato Flash Drive (@ black logo ) or (black3)

Actually these are Mr. and Mrs. Potato from Toy Story. They would probably protest to be mashed into a salad.

How about pumpkin?

Pumpkin Memory Stick with & without lid

Trick & Treat: Pumpkin Flash Drive (@ black logo) or (black3)

Of course a pumpkin flash drive also makes for a great Halloween gadget.

And last but not least, peanuts!

Peanut Memory Stick with & without lid

Crunching Files: Peanut Flash Drive (@ logox21 ) or (white logo2)

Im not sure if there is such a thing as a peanut salad but I’m sure we can work something out with its butter. Either way, you better ensure that your computer isn’t allergic to these peanut flash drives as they can grow to a size of 16GB.

And for those of you who can’t stomach a salad without any meat, just top it off with Bacon, Chicken and Beef Flash Drives. Bon apetite!

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  1. jack @ Says:

    I’m digging the mushrooms. They are a flashback to my childhood days of playing Mario and Super Mario on the old Nintendo. I can see them sitting on my desk right now.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Bootable USB Says:

    All of the USB Drives models you shared are so cool.Especially I like the eggplant one.

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