Drive a Wooden Stick

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Whoever said acting woodenly and stiff is a bad thing?
It’s certainly not for these
wooden flash drives.

USB Wooden Flash Drives, one with leather strap necklace

Wooden Memory Sticks (@ black logo)
or in Bulk (@promo)

As a matter of fact, if your computer has been rather lifeless lately and drinks more energy than it gives out, these wooden sticks might help. Just drive them right into the USB heart and witness how the 1-8GB capacity delivers your machine from its vegetative state.

If however you find your computer becoming more irritating – even on the border of being possessed – you might want to take it up a notch and try silver instead of wood.

Silver Flash Drive with Keychain

Silver Flash Drive (@ logox21)

If even that doesn’t help, it might be best to pull out your flash drive and wear it around your neck instead. And while you do, combine it with a USB cross pendant to actually fend off that evil energy sucker in the corner of your room.

Brass Cross Flash Drive Pendant dangling from a Necklace

Crystal Cross Memory Stick (@ black logo)

Whether brass or wooden, both should be pretty effective.

Wooden Cross Flash Drive exposing USB connector

Wood Cross Flash Drive (@ logox21)
or in Bulk (@promo)

Of course you could also try a Bible to exorcise the ghost in the machine.

Bible Flash Drives in black & wooden beige

USB Bible Flash Drive (@ logox21) or in Bulk (@promo)

As a last resort – when the situation is really putting the bite on you – you may want to take a glass of water and just pour it over your machine. Then it’s only left to bite the dust.

Rest assured though: it rarely ever has to come to such extreme measures. More often than not you will do your comp a service when impaling it with a wooden memory stick…

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3 Responses to “Drive a Wooden Stick”

  1. Claire Says:

    What's the best way to store usb flash drives that are used in a computer lab?
    Really great post, enjoyed reading it. Thanks,

  2. DT Says:

    do you mean for security purposes? Are these flash drives taken home or do they have to stay in the lab?

  3. Rich @ Wooden Coffee Tables Says:

    The plain wooden one looks great, though not so keen on the cross.

    (Though I know a christian who is never off his computer, so it might make an ideal gift!)

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